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International Recruiters for Oil and Gas Jobs

January 28, 2016


20 International Oil and Gas Industry Recruiters

The oil industry had a tough year in 2015, and many employers have been cutting jobs while oil’s price per barrel remains so low.

Some investors, however, expect oil to rebound in 2016. And when the oil and gas industries resume growth around the world, so will the demand for quality employees.

Professionals in the field should be ready for shakeups and opportunities. Here are 20 recruiters who specialise in finding the best and brightest candidates in these industries.

Recruiters for International Oil and Gas Jobs

Aman Overseas

Aman Overseas hires for every level of the industry, from oil rig workers to engineers to managers. Aman Overseas’ tailors its recruiting o its clients’ demands and policies. Whether you need a vice president or 500 construction workers, Aman Oversees can deliver — all around the globe.


Carbon60 has delivered four decades of recruiting oil and gas industry experts at every level. Its consultants not only recruit, but also know the industry, have a strong background, and have a large network for skilled and experienced candidates already at their disposal.

Its Carbon60’s mission not just to find candidates, but also to help its clients minimise risk and maximise their returns on investment. To do that, Carbon60 offers expert advice and gets a good understanding of its clients’ objectives and get to the why they are looking to hire.

Chronos Oil and Gas

Launched in 2011, Chronos Oil and Gas has direct reach to more than 1 million candidates in the industry. Its live candidate database, vast presence on social media, strategic online marketing and global team of recruiters make its network is unique. Plus, Chronos directors have hands-on experience working in the industry to better position them to find the right person for clients.

CSI Recruiting

CSI Recruiting uses its insight into national and regional marketplaces plus access to up-to-date information to tailor its recruitment services to each client and candidate on an individual level. CSI possess a network that keeps the firm informed of changing industry trends and turns that information around so its clients and candidates also have access to the most current market information available.


Elwood Staffing

For almost 20 years, Elwood Staffing has put thousands of employees into oil and gas-related jobs. Over this stretch, the firm has created relationships with top industry resources through grassroots recruiting campaigns, facilitating relocation needs and more.

Elwood helps companies fill their needs at the corporate level, but also provides them with employees who have more field experience in arenas such as assembly mechanics, engineering, geochemistry and lab work.

Faststream Recruitment Group

Faststream Recruitment Group currently has hundreds of live oil and gas jobs on its site. Its team of consultants not only can help place you in an oil and gas position, but they can also offer career advice as you make the transition into a new job. Faststream also helps businesses in need of talented individuals in the industry secure candidates.

Hays Oil and Gas Division

Hays has expertise in recruiting qualified, professional and skilled industry workers. Its worldwide talent pool is deep enough to supply some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Shell and Exxon, with the top talent today.

Created in 2005, Hays’ Oil and Gas Division is one of the fast growing business units within the company. It has more than 240 offices worldwide to support the company’s oil and gas hubs, which provide global reach and local expertise.


Hudson Oil & Gas has put a focus on the oil and gas industries and has spent years providing its clients with personalised recruitment solutions on the multinational, national and even the boutique level.

Hudson’s Asia Pacific Oil and Gas hub is made up of highly skilled and experienced team members. By partnering with clients from across the APAC region, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and offshore, Hudson can reach into a large pool of qualified candidates that other recruiters would be hard-pressed to find.

JDR Energy

JDR Energy supplies manpower to energy companies all over the world. Given the rapidly changing marketing, JDR Energy not only provides companies with employees, but also innovative and flexible solutions to meet their clients’ needs.

The company handles the entire recruitment process, from consulting with clients on the job description to mobilising the candidates. Plus, JDR’s candidate database is constructed from years of referrals, so job applicants from them are exclusive; you won’t find them on job boards. The company also keeps an eye on global projects to let you know who is ready to work right away.


Lucas Group

While keeping a close eye on the manufacturing side of the industry hiring pool, the Lucas Group is also focused on assisting clients with finding talent on the technical, asset and transaction sides of things.

For more than four decades, Lucas Group has been one of the leading oil and gas recruitment agencies for mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies. It uses its search process, based on clients’ needs and culture, and its vast talent network to help companies find their next Chief Operating Officers, senior engineers or directors of manufacturing and production.

NES Global

NES Global brings a wide range of global talent solutions to the oil and gas, power, infrastructure, chemical, life sciences and rail sectors. The does everything from filling payroll admin positions full recruitment-process outsourcing.

NES Global operates in 26 countries, and with a staff of 500 specialists and consultants the company is in great shape to handle its clients’ recruitment needs, and help candidates find the best possible job in the industry.

Oil and Gas Resourcing

Oil and Gas Resourcing is out to be every company’s No. 1 choice when its needs to find oil and gas professionals. To accomplish this, the company provides “3 Michelin Star” staffing services to gain an understanding of its clients’ strategies and candidates’ career goals. Oil and Gas Resourcing works with companies at all levels: super majors, independents, juniors and national oil companies.

OilRig Recruiter

OilRig Recruiter specialises in seeking out talent for the offshore oil rig drilling sector. In order to find the right candidate, it will work with you to get a concrete understanding of what you require from your employees, so the firm can bring you’re the most appropriate candidate for the job.

The company may even assist in revising the job specification or even offer up a short list of highly qualified candidates. OilRig Recruiter is a full-service recruitment firm: It will help place the job ad, conduct online pre-qualification test, schedule interviews and more.


Petroplan operates across six continents and specialises in recruiting highly skilled professionals to work within oil, gas and energy industries. The firm’s scope of expertise comprises upstream, midstream and downstream; greenfield and brownfield; early oil production; full field development; and expansion projects.

Petroplan supplies companies with industry pros for onshore and offshore projects that work with a wide range of owners and operators, consultancies and EPC companies. The company has thorough knowledge of the industry and local conditions, and takes a local approach to be able to match the best talent with some of the best energy companies around the globe. They also provide recruitment in the Renewables field, and are celebrating 40 years of operation in 2016!


Shella Consultants

Shella Consultants recognises there’s a manpower problem in the gas and oil industry and meets the problem head on by providing customised recruiting solutions to service businesses, consultancies and oil and gas operators — national or international.

Shella Consultants will help your business by finding talent, improving leadership and management quality, developing structure and strategies, and delivering qualified employees.


SKILLED helps support the oil and gas industries through the provision of marine and drilling personnel, maintenance, shutdown services for oil and gas companies, and more. The company puts its focus on understanding what its clients need from their hires so it can then provide them with a customised recruitment experience that will increase productivity and improve business performance all around.

Spencer Ogden

Spencer Ogden Oil and Gas’ managers not only have recruiting experience but on-site experience, too. This gives them additional insight and knowledge when it comes to oil and gas companies’ recruitment needs.

Spencer Ogden delivers talent across the upstream and downstream sectors on an award-winning level. The London-based firm provides sponsorship visas to non-European nationals, which allows for it to draw talent from a much wider pool.

Swan Recruitment

This Portsmouth, UK-based firm focuses on recruiting professions in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) sector. Swan Recruitment has more than two decades’ worth of experience recruiting pros across design, build and operational phases of major onshore and offshore energy installations in the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors.

Swift World Resources

Swift Worldwide Resources’ sole focus is to supply the oil, gas and chemical industries with qualified manpower. The energy recruiter is made up of a global network and a team of 150 recruitment specialists to make it a leader in the contract, direct and executive placement services in the industry. With more the than 30 offices around the round, strategically placed in every major energy hub, Swift can support clients for the life of an entire project and match strong candidates with clients around the globe.


Talascend provides oil and gas recruiting for domestic and international operators, and offers support to its industry’s leaders. It gives industry employers quick and easy access to the oil and gas engineers who have experience working upstream, midstream and downstream projects.

On the other side of things, oil and gas engineers can find some of the industry’s best employment openings via Talascend. Commonly placed industry jobs include mechanical engineering, project controls and piping engineering.

images by: skeeze, Robzor

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