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Instagram International – Amazing Shots from Around the World

July 16, 2013

Do you Instagram? The photo-sharing network, which famously sold to Facebook for one billion dollars, has steadily lived up to the hype and proved to be far more than a just a set of photo filters.
June saw the announcement of face tagging, another move indicating it’s place as a surrogate Facebook used for blogging, communication and networking. News even emerged this week that in Kuwait, Instagram is used as a surrogate shop front for selling online!
All cultural credentials aside, though, it’s just so ridiculously pretty! Even if you don’t post, it’s fun to consume. Given a few good accounts to click through, we can easily lose hours clicking through other people’s lives, with travel-themed accounts turning out some of the best Instagram content. This week we thought we’d round up a few notable accounts to follow.


Photographer and video producer Murad Osmann made headlines with his captivating sequence of photos capturing his girlfriend leading him around the world. That said girlfriend is a model, and the locations a series of exotic, diverse and colorful locales makes the series all the better. Over 282,000 followers agree.


Cyclist Rob Lutter has logged over 9000 miles on his bike, from Turkey to the Himalayas to the edge of the Black Sea. Capturing his journey in breathtaking ‘iphoneography’, his account has picked up over 57,000 followers.


Software engineer Adam Goldberg might not strike you as the most likely food critic, but his travels around the world have given rise to over 1000 mouth-watering photos of international meals, attracting 129,696 followers at time of writing. Expect table and plate shots as well as dazzling scenery from the locations he visits. See his Instagram feed here and read the accompanying blog.


Another truly unusual Instagram: English teacher Andrew Kelly details life in Pyongyang, North Korea. Filters are hardly required to give his shots and otherworldly feel; lines of soldiers stand under bronze statues of the leader, children rollerblade in empty expansive squares.. Kelly also answers questions and provides much written detail as context to his shots. Well worth a look.

And finally, ‘This is Now‘ is an online hub for Instagram which sorts activity by city. Interesting for homesick expats and dreaming travelers alike, you are presented with a homepage listing major world cities and their local times, and can click through to a real-time feed of geo-tagged photos.

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