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Hungarian Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

August 4, 2015

Hungary has begun to shine as a center for development and innovation. With many highly educated citizens and a large expatriate community from around Europe, there are a large number of start-ups in the country. Here is a list of just a few of the business support start-ups we found in there.



Synetiq – Synetiq defines itself as “crowdsourced neuromarketing research”. Sounding likesynetiq-logo something out a science fiction novel, this company can provide you with a detailed analyses of how customers interact with your website or media. Using high tech video devises and crowdsourcing, Synetiq can help companies discover their strongest marketing and media platforms and techniques. (TwitterFacebook)

mcule – On our lists of startups, mcule is a unique company. This is a platform thatmcule-logo allows drug developers to create new drugs more efficiently. The site offers a molecular modeling and a compound database, allowing drug companies to find the compounds that they need in record time. (TwitterFacebook)

Remagine – Providing detailed diagnostic tools to manufacturers, Remagineremagine-logo helps owners run their plants more efficiently. Their diagnostics are non-invasive and real-time making it easier to see when and where there are slow-downs and inefficiencies. The interface is designed to be easy to read and graphically-based so everyone who needs to know can understand what they are looking at.

SmartVineyard – This is another unique start-up from Hungary. SmartVineyardsmartvineyard-logo is precisely what its name says; it provides vineyard owners with detailed disease prediction. Using sensors placed around the vineyard and predictive data based on historical information, SmartVineyard could potentially save a winemaker millions in diseased and useless fruit. (TwitterFacebook)

Adwantapp – Adwantapp Mobile Advertising is a new generation of mobileadwant-logo advertising. Using a non-invasive format and real-time data, AdWant promises to deliver high quality advertising at reasonable prices. Mobile advertising is the future of reaching customers and AdWant is set to make that future exciting and interesting.

Karma – Taking Excel spreadsheets and turning them into scalablekarma-logo mobile apps is what Karma does. Lists become visually interesting and easy to use multi-user applications using drag and drop technology. Designed to be used by anyone to quickly build a great mobile application, Karma may provide an answer to many of the problems that businesses have with unformatted and unruly lists. (TwitterFacebook)

Keocko – Here is another place where reality intersects withkeocko-logo science fiction. Keocko uses facial recognition technology to scan the faces of retail customers to create a database of gender and age of people that enter and shop in a given space. The technology is anonymous, as it doesn’t actually record the faces. Nonetheless, this could be very useful for any business looking for marketing information for their retail spaces. (Facebook)

Logidok – For businesses that have drivers on the road, this is an applogidok-logo that allows information to be sent remotely to the main office. From there, it is easy to disperse the data to partners and departments that need it. Bills of lading, invoices, expenses, and more can all be handled much more quickly than using fax machines or other traditional devices. (TwitterFacebook)

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