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How Do Businesses Use Us To Save Money?

July 28, 2015 how-to

Guide for Businesses Using CurrencyFair To Save Money

Thousands of businesses around the world use CurrencyFair to save time and save money.

Here’s our customer service guru, Tim Porter, explaining how businesses like yours use CurrencyFair.

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How Do Businesses Use CurrencyFair to Save Money?


Businesses use CurrencyFair to save money every day.

For example, we have lots of clients who are based in the UK or the EU, but their suppliers are in China or somewhere else in Asia. Our clients will deposit sterling or euros into their CurrencyFair account. They’ll buy US dollars and they’ll pay their suppliers directly from CurrencyFair.

Also, we have clients who are based in the UK, but their customers are actually in Europe so their customers will pay their CurrencyFair account directly and our clients will then exchange back to their base currency being sterling and transfer the money back out to their accounts.

Ready to start using CurrencyFair for your international money transfers and payments?

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