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8 Hot Lithuanian Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

November 6, 2015 business

Lithuanian Tech

One of the three Baltic States, located on the south-eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, Lithuania is part of the movement in these three countries for innovation and growth. With just under 3 million people, Lithuania is small in size but it certainly punches above its weight.

The start-ups here focus on lots of big data and business growth. This is definitely worth a stop on the start-up tour.

Packpin – Companies that are in business of shipping items around the world can struggle to keep track of each package through the different shipping providers. Packpin consolidates all of that information and makes it easy to see where each package is, in real time. With over 70 couriers included in the database and an easy-to-use tracking widget, Packpin allows a company to keep a close eye on all of the shipments that they have sent around the world.

TrackDuck – Web design is a wonderful job that can be done remotely. The disadvantage is that the designer and the client aren’t in the same room. TrackDuck makes it easy for the client to mark comments onto the live website or a mockup. The designer can then act on it and leave messages back for the client. This eliminates the conversations that involve trying to explain what one is looking at. TrackDuck is a must for any designer or anyone about to hire one.

Eylean – Eylean is a project management program that makes it easy for teams to coordinate projects. Software development, sales, and manufacturing can all be managed from a single on-premises application that allows for coordination of events. The task board is very simple, looking like sticky notes on a board. Each item can be easily assigned and then can be moved to the completed area. This is the fastest way to manage a team on a project of almost any type.

Mailerlite – Creating beautiful marketing emails is the key to making sales in the 21st century. Mailerlite is a user-friendly email program that allows users to create outstanding emails, newsletters, and more. They offer A/B testing and even have a free version allowing up to 1,000 contacts. Because it is a smaller startup, the templates will be new to customers, not the same old Mailchimp and Constant Contact templates.

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Plag – This is a different paradigm in social networking. Plag (pronounced like plague) allows users to post information. Everyone on Plag sees it (they are “infected”), then they can decide to share it with others (“infecting” others). There is no friending, no following, and no need to decide whom to listen to and not. It is possible to restrict a network to a specific geographic area, such as a university or a city so that only people in that area can see the messages. Plag is very new so it remains to be seen how business will be involved. There is the possibility of using it for anonymous surveys and share some of your social media posts.

Plate Culture – If you enjoy quality local food, but don’t fancy forking out huge prices in fancy restaurants, Plate Culture can offer you the chance to eat an authentic home cooked meal for a more modest outlay. Similarly, this service is useful for aspiring chefs or anybody who enjoys cooking for others and hosting dinners in their home.
Currently serving 25 countries, including the UK and Cook Islands, Plate Culture allows users to request dinner on their chosen date, confirm with the chef and pay securely, and simply visit the chef’s home for as authentic an experience as possible.

Exacaster – Big Data is big business. These huge databases, loaded with customer information and marketing tools, can be unwieldy, but Exacaster is able to make it simple. The Exacaster platform is designed for retailers and telecom to be able to see trends, make adaptations, and maximise their marketing activities.  Exacaster provides predictive analysis for over 10 million consumers every day.

TutoToons – Describing the platform as a “Free, Drag & Drop Game Builder”, TutoToons taps into the imagination of anyone who has ever played a game on their mobile device (which is a lot of people). They makes the process as simple as possible, and will publish your finished game to the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore, so you can even earn money form your creations. It’s 100% free to use, and requires no coding or programming skills to get your first mobile game created.

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