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9 Hot Latvian Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

September 29, 2015

Latvian Tech

Latvia is one of the Baltic States which has embraced technology on a fantastic scale.

Across the Baltic from Sweden and bordered by Estonia, Lithuania, and Russia, Latvia is at the heart of the Baltic Revolution as these small nations grow into technology powerhouses.

Here we share what is only a starting list of the great startups that this nation of just 2 million has created so far. 

Froont – Of the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) website design services, Froont is different. While all of them claim to make it simple, but Froont actually succeeds. One major difference is that Froont allows users to export the entire website as code to make it easy to upload it to any other host. Their designs are responsive to any size screen and are mobile-ready, which is now a requirement from Google. – Everything can be told with an infographic or a chart. makes that easy to do. By entering your data, the program helps you to convert it into visually appealing and understandable graphics. has templates to work from and is designed to make it simple for anyone to create powerful infographics and charts. For fast conveyance of information, infographics can’t be beat and is leading the way in making it easy to do/

Buzztale – Buzztale is a visualiser for Yammer conversations. Yammer is owned by Microsoft. It is a social networking site that provides internal communications within a company. It allows for a global company to have an information exchange in private. Buzztale takes that conversation and place it into an appealing and easy-to-read format that will encourage employees to read the messages and stay up-to-date on the latest company news.

Maxtraffic –Those ads that popup when we try to leave a site actually can convert browsers into buyers. Maxtraffic makes these ads that can capture ‘site abandoners’ before they run away. The ads can be prompted by someone attempting to leave or when someone sits still on the website for a while. These ads are quite effective for capturing sales and customers that might have otherwise simply escaped. Maxtraffic is the place to create these ads. – Website analytics is the Holy Grail of the Internet. Unfortunately, most services require you to have the special decoder ring to understand it and they don’t track nearly everything. tracks every single bit of data, such as where good buyers come from to allow website owners to maximize their site visits and make more sales. All of this delivered in an easy-to-use and read dashboard format. No more trying to understand complex analytics. makes it easy to figure out exactly what you need to do to grow your sales.

Snapevent – Running an event can be stressful enough without struggling to get the right information in the hands of the attendees. Snapevent makes it easy to get the agenda into everyone’s hands and reduces printing costs for event materials. The app works with Salesforce, Eventbrite, and lots of other cloud-based databases. Snapevent makes it quick and easy to create an event online and get all of the information into everyone’s hands.

Branchtrack – Welcome to the new world of those annoying role-playing trainings at work. Branchtrack provides interactive training for employees. Using a simple interface and images, employees are able to make decisions and learn from their mistakes while sitting at a computer or a tablet. The program allows businesses to design their own trainings using images with people in various poses and by inputting the script. The computer then reads the words and creates a more lifelike experience.

Capsulink – Keeping data in capsules is a great way to make sure that all of your data is available all the time. Once the data is capsulated, it can be published anywhere. Capsulink makes it easy capsulate data, update it, secure it, and even link it to social media. Capsules reduce the traffic load on your website and make manoeuvring and downloading easier.

Magazenapp – A magazine can be a great way for a business to promote themselves. Magazneapp makes it easy to publish a magazine that is iPad ready. With everything you need to publish a magazine, from templates to editing software, this is a single location to do everything you need to create a stunning marketing tool that will show the world that you know your business.

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