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11 Hot Danish Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

July 1, 2015

The Denmark Tech Market is Booming and Could Even Help your Business

Denmark provides an ideal environment for innovation: a highly educated populace, a government that backs its entrepreneurs, and a progressive culture.

This list of Danish startups provides a glimpse into the totally out-of-the-box thinking that is taking place in this beautiful country.

Hot Danish Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business


You may also want to check out Start-up Demark‘s website for more insight into the rapid growth of this sector.

Startup Denmark: 11 Hot Tech Companies To Watch Out For

Let’s take a look at these fast-moving companies . . . 

Pagobox – A simple, intuitive app that allows employees to access the funds they need to do their job, while the company stays in control. No more expense reimbursements. Everything is handled directly, but without the risk of a staff member having an open company credit card. The time and hassle that this helps reduce makes it worth checking out.

Hot Danish Tech Companies

Plecto – Tracking sales performance has traditionally been done a whiteboard somewhere in the office. The problem is that most great salespeople aren’t in the office; they are in the field making sales. Plecto puts their performance data right on their desktop, making it easy for them to see how they are doing. The info can even be put on a TV screen in the office for everyone to see. Of course, it also makes it easier for the boss to see as well. They offer a free 30 day trial, so there is no risk to give it a try.

The Eye Tribe – If your business relies on your website, you need the Eye Tribe Tracker. They have what could be the world’s first inexpensive eye tracker. An eye tracker is able to see where people look on a website. What results looks like a heat map. Knowing what people look at on your website first and longest can tell you what content to augment and which parts to discard.

Mailbird – There are lots of email clients, programs that control your email much better than the original email company can, but Mailbird stands out. It is designed to work on Windows and allow you to integrate nearly every possible program. Calendars, cloud storage sites, and even lifehacker are all accessible from one location. It makes it easier to streamline your email and other functions without a lot of expense.

GenieBelt – For anyone who works in construction, one of the greatest challenges is knowing what tasks have been completed and when. GenieBelt is a mobile and desktop app that allows contractors and construction crews to see what they need to do and notify the boss when the work is done. It’s Basecamp, the project management program, for construction and it is genius.

Noisli – Remember earlier when we said that the Danes are thinking outside the box? Well, here is a perfect example. Noisli allows you to generate a customizable noise that will let you concentrate. You can combine noises, such as a train and flowing water, to make a noise that helps you be productive or relaxed. This can all be done right from your browser, so there is nothing to download, but they also offer an app through the Apple AppStore.

Kickstoro – For businesses that want a strong online presence, Kickstoro allows them to sell directly through their Facebook store or right in their news feed. This is great if your business has a strong Facebook following or if you like to run specials that you announce on the social media site. You will be able to turn every post into a money making communication.

Debito (website is in Danish; use Google Chrome or a translation program) – Easy to use and cost effective, Debito provides small to medium-sized enterprises with debt collection services that they can use. Designed to be very easy, the business only has to enter data once regarding bad debts. There is only a one-time fee for each bad debt. There aren’t any high attorney fees or bonding issues. Best of all, the platform can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Copyright Agent – For professional photographers, the Internet has been a double-edged sword. It’s easy to show customers your work. It’s also easy for people to steal it. Copyright Agent automatically searches for your images online and notifies you when they find it someplace. You can work on getting the image removed, if necessary. Presently only on invitation basis, this might end up being how photographers protect their work in the future.

Linc – If you have multiple locations or one large location, Linc will allow you to connect your climate control equipment, heat, air conditioning, etc., to their cloud-based service. You are not only able to monitor it in real-time, but you are able to change it instantly. With the cost of energy rising constantly, this is a great way to help keep your energy bills under control.

Olobolo – When you are running an online shop, keeping your images up-to-date is a hassle. Olobolo is an automated way to keep everything up to date and ready to go. Not only will they curate all of your graphical content, but they also supply you with engagement reports. They can even create completely new campaign material for you.

Any other cool Danish tech companies we should know about? Let us know in the comments.

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