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5 Hot Czech Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

September 28, 2015

The Czech Republic has been one of the leading lights in central Europe when it comes to tech innovation.

A highly educated and forward-thinking culture makes this nation ideal for leading ideas and technologies.

Hot Czech Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

Here are just a few of the hundreds of business-friendly start-ups in the Czech Republic.

Hot Czech Tech Companies

Reservio – Reservio is already internationally recognized, despite being quite new. It was started in the Czech Republic and has taken off very quickly. In fact, they have over 26,000 customers in 35 countries. Reservio is an appointment scheduling website that allows for lots of tracking and promotion capabilities. A home-grown start-up, Reservio has gone on to be an industry leader around the world.

CSS Piffle – A SaaS that converts HTML5 to CSS without having to write in CSS code. The beauty is that for those businesses that need to convert their HTML website to the more compact CSS, they can do it without needing to learn a new computer language or struggling with new capabilities.

Satismeter – Knowing what your customers think is the key to success. Satismeter makes it easy with simple customer surveys. The data from these surveys is then converted to easy-to-read charts. Most companies try this on their own, but having a professionally designed survey system with a complete data visualisation system can make all of this information much more useful.

Modgen – Data mining is the best way to discover all of the information that is available on the internet from around the world. Modgen makes data mining easier and more productive than trying to do it by yourself. Information is the currency of the 21st century and Modgen can put the information into your hands.

CDNsun – CDNsun provides businesses with content acceleration for their website. One of the most telling statistics about consumers’ website use is that they will click away from the site in seconds if it doesn’t load quickly. CDNsun uses their cloud-based technologies to improve responsiveness helping business websites to be faster and more likely to attract consumers.

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