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9 Hot Canadian Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

August 26, 2015

Canada has been a quiet but powerful force for tech startups since the beginning of the dot-com boom.

Kik is not the only Canadian tech startup to create something new and useful – there are hundreds of exciting Canadian companies that are on the march.

Hot Canadian Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business


Below are some hot Canadian tech companies to watch . . .

First though, if you are looking for more information about the Canadian tech scene or if you want to learn about starting or growing a business in Canada, you may want to check out Startup Canada, the Canadian Association of Business Incubation, and Futurpreneur Canada.

Hot Canadian Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

Tulip Retail – In order to make retail more interactive and a better experience, Tulip Retail has created a sales floor associate mobility tool. Using cloud-based technologies, sales associates are able to see everything from the floor that they would see from a terminal: stock levels, customer reviews, and much more. This company’s product represents the future of retail.

Upverter – With the boom in electronics designs, Upverter is an answer to a designer’s prayers. A complete online electronics engineering platform, it is able to help technology companies get their ideas from conception to manufacturer to end-user much more quickly. No matter the complexity of the device, Upverter is able to help you design, test, and prepare your electronics for manufacturing.

Wave Accounting – Wave is a new paradigm in small business accounting. This one cloud-based service is able to help a small business owner track sales, do taxes, and manage every aspect of accounting from a single location. Being able to manage all of your finances easily and quickly is the key to running your own business well. Wave Accounting lets you do that.

PasswordBox – Not just for companies, busy executives will also love this simple concept. This site manages all of your passwords and your digital life from a single location. No more digging through notes. Gone is all the hunting for a rogue sheet of paper. No need to reset your password every time you go to a seldom visited website. It can all be stored in PasswordBox, securely and easily.

Canada tech companies to watch

Lagoa – 3D Photoreal CAD which is cloud-based, that’s Lagao’s offers. There’s no need to buy an expensive software program to design and visualise a new product. Lagoa lets you do it right in your browser. The designs are suitable for publication even before a prototype is built. The images are 360° views that can be explored and modified at will. Lagoa makes CAD easier and much less cumbersome on your servers.

Granify – A unique service, Granify is a big data processing site that analyses shoppers’ activities on hundreds of websites. They are then able to respond to customers’ needs that you might not be aware of. Concerns about size, shipping, and returns are all placed at the consumers’ fingertips to capture those sales that are falling through the cracks now.

Trulioo – Identity verification worldwide and on-the-fly is what Trulioo is all about. Using massive databases from around the planet, Trulioo allows users to verify names, addresses, and contact information on billions of people. It is all done right through your web browser so there is no software to install. You can even put together a watchlist that will automatically notify you when someone pops up that you are interested in. It is also very easy to integrate into existing programs and websites, so it can complement your existing security software.

Payroll Hero – Perfect for optimising roster scheduling, attendance, time management, and work productivity, Payroll Hero is designed to be a one-stop service for maintaining everything you need for payroll services. The most exciting feature is facial recognition. This prevents time punches by the wrong employee. Security and ease of use make Payroll Hero the ideal tool for paying the staff and watching over productivity.

TribeHR – An SaaS platform, TribeHR is a complete HR management and recruiting system. Cloud-based and highly intuitive, it takes users from recruitment to background checking to employment and even to reviews. There is no need, any longer, to use multiple systems to manage your company’s human resources. The company was acquired by NetSuite in 2013, but still operates as a stand-alone division.

We wish these companies all the best for the future.

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