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37 Fun Ways People Heard About The Crusade Against Bank Fees

January 2, 2015

If you’re someone who needs to send money to another country and has maybe read Money Transfer Companies Compared, you probably already know how much you can save by using CurrencyFair to avoid hidden exchange rates forced upon you by banks and other financial companies.

However, what you won’t know is that there are an awful lot of fun ways people hear about CurrencyFair.

Sure, you might have seen our TV campaign with an international sports star or visited our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ pages but you won’t have seen these 37 fun ways that people heard about our crusade against unfair bank fees.

In a nutshell, when someone opens a shiny new (and very free) CurrencyFair account, they are given the option to say how they heard about us.

The vast majority of people hear about us via a friend or a member of their family. However, when you have many hundreds of people joining CurrencyFair each day, you’re bound to get a wide range of responses.

Below are 37 of our favourites.

While you read through them, perhaps you could help us work out if that person really did mean a “cow worker” and maybe tell us what you think will happen to the girl working at the bank?

Here they are . . .

How Did You Hear About CurrencyFair?

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  1. I forget his name but please give him a gift
  2. Sebastien Chabal in a tutu
  3. The owner of a diving shop in Indonesia
  4. A guy I met who was from Denmark (probably a user)
  5. A supplier
  6. A mole on my right upper lip
  7. You stole two of my employees
  8. My husband told me about you while watching football
  9. School
  10. We installed the intruder alarm in the Dublin office
  11. A client
  12. By accident
  13. Jamie Heaslip Twitter feed
  14. While watching the Six Nations – Come on IRELAND!!
  15. A cousin of a friend who knows the company very well
  16. A video with a funny guy
  17. First a while ago from I don’t remember where, then recently searching around I realised this was perfect for what I need, and I remembered from before
  18. The person I’m paying
  19. Horse advert
  20. I use Zopa, I love P2P, and wanted a currency equivalent
  21. God came to me in a dream
  22. I literally typed ‘peer to peer currency transfer’ into google as I knew it just had to be the thing
  23. From a cow worker
  24. I was using TransferWise but they are more expensive
  25. Sebastien Chabal came to my house and told me about it
  26. A person in Spain
  27. Friend at the golf club
  28. The Celtic Kitten
  29. I heard about you at a Yoga retreat
  30. A contact at Citi bank
  31. After Citi bank stole my money
  32. My friend was in your TV ad
  33. Through comments on TransferWise’s website
  34. My wife found you. She’s great.
  35. My ex husband
  36. I live in Ranelagh
  37. A girl who works in my bank told me, off the record.

How did you hear about CurrencyFair?

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