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Money Matters: 20 Financial Advisors for Your Move to Spain

August 31, 2016 expats / finance / Spain


Financial Advisors to help you move to Spain

Moving to Spain

If you’re moving to Spain, you’re bringing a lot of financial responsibilities with you.

You have to plan for the cost of the move, living expenses and taxes, and possibly startup capital if you plan on starting a business. It can get overwhelming quickly.

Luckily, these 20 financial advisors can make money management simple so expats can track their finances and make sound long-term money goals.

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FTI Consulting

With worldwide locations, FTI Consulting is a trusted money management option. The Madrid office is run by managing director Jose M. Pineiro, senior managing director Jorge Padilla and senior managing director Sergio Velez. The team can help business owners or associates with litigation and forensic consulting, economic consulting and corporate finance restructuring.


An investment banking company, Haitong’s award-winning team of senior banker Alfonso Ponce de Leon, senior managing director Carolina Ibanez and senior country officer Felix Aguirre Cabanyes comprise the Madrid Haitong branch. The advisors can clear up any confusion about capital structures, global markets, fixed income and equities.

Spectrum IFA

Spectrum IFA serves expats living in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, France or Spain. Get help managing pensions, life insurance, mortgages, health insurance or even Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes.


As a “global mid-market specialist,” N+1 grew in 2015 after acquiring Dinamia, a Spanish private equity investment firm. The company has two offices in Spain, one for asset management and another for corporate equities and finance. Business owners can learn more about wealth management, active funds and investment banking as they establish their company.



With the company’s expertise, the Rothschild team in Spain is among the company’s biggest. Rothschild has managed some high-profile Spanish companies, among them Grupo BFA, Banco Santander and Campofrio Food Group. The team here can connect clients to other Rothschild associates around the world, which is useful for expats who travel a lot or still have business ties in another country.

deVere Spain

Have you moved from the UK to Spain and you’re unsure how inheritance tax works here? Let deVere Spain help. The financial company also assists clients when setting up insurance of any kind, whether it’s medical or life insurance or more uncommon protection such as yacht or jewelry insurance.

Franklin Templeton Investments

For more than 60 years, Franklin Templeton Investments has served both professional investors and private citizens in Spain. The company specialises in independent asset management and can work in different currencies, which is ideal for expats looking to translate their financial assets to euros.

Advent International

Advent International caters to expats around the world, including Brazil, India, China, Mexico and Spain. This global equity firm breaks down its services to five industries: technology, consumer retail, industrial, healthcare and business. With more than 300 global investments in the above industries over nearly 30 years, business owners in Spain can keep their companies in the black.

Houlihan Lokey

An award-winning company, Houlihan Lokey has received accolades from The Banker, The M&A Advisor, Thomson Reuters and more. The group’s financial advisory services are highly rated, including valuations and transaction advisories. Expats can even receive corporate finance help so they can learn how to manage their liquid financial assets, navigate capital markets, and handle acquisitions and mergers.


United Advisors

At United Advisors, the team understands that an expat may need financial assistance at various times in their life. That’s why some services are simple, such as basic savings advice, transferring wealth and building a retirement fund. Others are more complex, such as overseas property management, asset protection and capital investing.

Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers

Moving to Madrid? Don’t let it be a stressful process with Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers. The company specialises in real estate securities, private real estate debt, real estate equity and loan investments. The real estate professionals here have managed assets totaling more than 49 billion USD worldwide. There are 25 Cornerstone offices around the globe in Asia, Europe and the US.

AFS EAFI Independent Financial Advisors

AFS EAFI Independent Financial Advisors base their business policy on four cornerstones: confidentiality, prudence, professionalism and commitment. The company underscores the importance of financial psychology and notes that by understanding this kind of economic behavior, it can know how “these decisions have a direct or indirect impact on economic operators.”


Awarded the Most Innovative Boutique of 2012 by The Banker, StormHarbour is another good choice for expats new to Madrid. Sohail Khan, Fredrick Chapey and Antonio Cacorino created the firm, since expanding worldwide to include more than 160 team members. Clients include corporations and investors.

Hudson Advisors Spain S.L.U.

Hudson Advisors Spain S.L.U. is the Madrid branch of Hudson Advisors, a company that has offered asset management services since 1995. Manage real estate assets, get a loan portfolio reviewed, learn about risk management and get a professional valuation here.


Confused about the tax laws in Spain? The Optima staff can shed some light here and in other areas such as inheritance, retirement planning and income management. Headquartered in Madrid, the advisors are renowned for creating a financial plan in just one week, starting with an initial conversation on Monday, developing the plan on Tuesday and pushing forward with that plan by week’s end.


Lazard Madrid

The Lazard firm was founded in the 1840s, but its Madrid office is much newer, opening its doors in 1999. As a “preeminent financial advisor to blue-chip companies in Spain,” the office is near Paseo de la Castellana and gets plenty of traffic. Government offices, companies and individual expats have all called on Lazard for financial management.


Noting that Madrid “plays a major role in both the banking and industrial sectors” as a hub that connects all major Spanish cities, Arup serves expats and natives alike. The Madrid office opened in 1992 and includes 120 staff members. Construction, industrial and civil sector professionals are typically clients.

Montalban Atlas Capital

Montalban Atlas Capital is also based in Madrid. Some of its team includes managing partner Raul J. Julian and chairman Leon Benelbas. They and their partners provide advisory information for various industries, capital market value, debt advisory, and assistance with acquisitions and mergers.


Founded in 1986 in Germany by Michael Hinderer and Max Burger-Calderon, Altium has grown to serve clients around the world. The company has an office in Madrid that deals with equity, debt and acquisitions for Spanish companies. Altium serves sectors such as energy, business services, industrial, healthcare, consumer retail, technology and digital media.

Cerberus Ibera Advisors, S.L.U.

As a branch of Cerberus Capital Management, L.P., Cerberus Ibera Advisors, S.L.U. is part of a firm that has supervised more than 29 billion USD for clients (including sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, government offices and more) since 1992. The staff can help expats create a financial plan in areas such as real estate, middle-market lending, private equity and distressed assets.

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