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Expats and Overseas Retirees Tax Specialists

April 29, 2016 expats / retirees


Expats and Overseas Retirees Should Know These 25 Tax Services

When moving to or from the UK, managing finances can be especially tricky. Don’t be confused by tax rules in a new part of the world. Whether an individual needs to file their taxes or a company wants to establish a tax department at the office, a tax specialist can help with these issues and more.

Tax Specialists for Overseas Retirees and British Expats

Webster Accounts, Cambridge

Part accounting service, part online tax software, Webster Accounts consists of 15 members, some of them tax specialists and others software developers. “The early adopters of our online software were those who felt comfortable with the Internet and now telecommuters and overseas companies with a UK subsidiary are using the software to allow access to accounting information around the world,” the staff explains.

PD Tax Consultants, Leeds

Expats wrangling with legal issues should contact PD Tax Consultants, as they can explain what to expect. For example, if a spouse passes away and wasn’t a UK resident, there might be inheritance implications. Tax liability can change, too, if a resident moves from the UK to another part of the world, the consultants point out.

Jeffcote Donnison, London

Offering “UK tax advice with an international element,” Jeffcote Donnison caters to clients who just moved to the UK and those who have left to live or work abroad. The company mentions the importance of expatriate tax, stating that “some income and capital gains earned outside the UK for less than 5 years could still become subject to tax on your return” if an expat decides to leave the UK and then return.

Tax Safe LTD, Newcastle

Another tax specialist with services exclusively for expats is Tax Safe LTD. Overseas residents may be eligible for seafarer’s earnings deduction when filing for taxes. Those who have worked in the UK but don’t live there can apply as a non-resident when filing for their taxes if they meet certain criteria. These same people may be eligible for a foreign tax credit relief, Tax Safe says.

ExpatMatters, Reading

Since 2009, ExpatMatters has served clients across the world. If you live overseas and can’t come to the Reading office, the staff will communicate by phone or email. Expats can file taxes individually or on behalf of their companies.


Westleton Drake, London

With offices in Zurich, Geneva, London and the United States, Westleton Drake has a large customer base. If you’re a UK resident moving to another part of the world, you can manage your personal finances here. Business owners can make sure their company is meeting advisory and tax compliance regulations. Clients have come from the US, Australia, Switzerland, the UK and elsewhere.

Gabelle Tax, London

Gabelle Tax won the 2014 Taxation Awards for service. These specialists are proficient in international tax laws, and they know how to help people make a remittance basis claim or how to ensure “non-UK income remains outside the scope of UK tax.” The company also deals with overseas employment for expat corporations.

Mark Davies & Associates, London

Mark Davies & Associates says of its staff: “Many of us are ‘non-doms’ ourselves, speaking a variety of foreign languages and are well-placed to understand the importance of a reassuring guide through the complex laws of an adopted country.” They can help expats with issues regarding immigration, tax returns, image rights advisory services, tax investigations and property holding structures.

Global Tax Network, Guildford

Established in 2001, the Global Tax Network serves expatriates all over the world. Tax businesses in more than 90 countries are linked to the Global Tax Network, meaning no matter where you go, you can get the tax help you need. Some services that Richard Watts-Joyce and his team offer for corporations are inward investment, work permits, expat payroll and global mobility taxes.

Hamels Consultants LLP, St Neots

As business consultants, accountants and tax advisors for those living internationally, Hamels Consultants LLP work with both companies and individuals, but their expat services are mostly for businesses. The majority of clients are accountants, lawyers and banks. “Where foreign tax advice is required for our clients in addition to UK advice, we have a wide network of partner firms around the globe that we work with,” the consultants say.


Alliotts, Guildford and London

Alliotts has two UK offices in Guildford and London, but its staff works with clients around the world. Whether leaving the UK or coming back, learn about non-resident tax returns and when to file these, how to plan for inheritance tax when leaving the country, what to do with investments when leaving, and what the statutory residence test is.

PKF Cooper Parry, Derby, Nottingham and Leicester

The specialists at PKF Cooper Parry offer transaction assistance, wealth management, restructuring, corporate finance advice, audits and tax services. The company was part of 2011’s Power 100, is a Gold Microsoft Partner and received the British Accountancy Award in 2012.

Capital Consulting, Neuchatel, Switzerland

Capital Consulting can connect expats to UK tax experts within the company. These experts are knowledgeable in areas such as contract management, umbrella management, work permits and visas for companies. They also assist individuals with social security and income tax.

EDF Tax, Nottingham

Business owners setting up shop abroad might want to look into EDF Tax. “We understand the challenges facing business owners in operating a successful company within the UK and European business tax regime,” the company explains. No matter which tax challenges a company faces, they can receive guidance on matters such as capital allowances, value-added tax, corporation taxes and capital gains.

Global Expatriate Tax Services (GETS), London

Led by US tax expert Carol-Ann Simon and expat tax specialist Oliver Heslop, GETS works with tax companies across the world in more than 100 countries. The staff best understands expat laws in Australia, the US and the UK. Their expertise can help you navigate your pension plan or learn how to financially transition from the UK to the Middle East.


RSM UK, London

RSM has offices throughout the world. Its experts understand various laws on a worldwide scale. Expats can come in for assistance on workplace tax options and corporate tax advice.

GM Tax, Australia

With nine locations across Australia, GM Tax also serves UK retirees and expats. If you plan to send money to Australia for business or personal reasons, or you want to register a company in the UK before moving to Australia, you can get the personalised attention you need here.

M&S Accountancy & Taxation Ltd, Fife

Company directors James Slater and Stewart McKinnon founded M&S Accountancy & Taxation Ltd in Scotland in 1996. With a staff of tax managers that understand changing tax laws for expats, you can plan your taxes and make sure your tax returns are in on time.

Blevins Franks International Tax & Wealth Management, London

British expats who plan to move to Malta, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain or France should contact Blevins Franks International Tax & Wealth Management. These tax pros can inform clients on the high net worth individual scheme in Malta, the tax rates in Cyprus, the changing trust laws in Portugal, how to retire comfortably in Spain, or how to anticipate social charges when living in France.

Peter Howard & Co, Bridgefoot

With nearly 30 years of expat service, Peter Howard & Co can help with business planning, taxation and accounting. British expats who are moving to other parts of the world can prepare themselves for what’s ahead financially. Peter Howard is especially adept at helping expats handle income taxes if they still have connections to the UK.


Cloud Tax, Wellington, New Zealand

Stuart Clouden and his team at Cloud Tax are based in New Zealand but serve expats in the UK. Those who are moving to the UK from New Zealand can learn about transitioning their pension and how UK tax concessions may affect them. Those who are leaving the UK may be eligible for the Pay As You Earn Repayment Plan refund if they move before the tax year is over.

DAA Tax Accountants Ltd, Suffolk

The experts at DAA Tax Accountants Ltd advise clients in payroll matters, HMRC issues and expat taxation. They have served British expats and others all over the world. Those who are managing property from offshore companies, filing UK workplace taxes or filing their personal taxes for the year should get in touch.

RMT Accountants & Business Advisors, Newcastle

The medical accountants, payroll specialists, debt advisors, tax specialists, insolvency practitioners and others who comprise the team at RMT Accountants & Business Advisors offer services in a variety of areas, including medical accountancy, personal debt and financial recovery. Non-doms and expats can learn all about account planning and share schemes.

Tax Advisory Partnership, Leeds and London

Moving from the US to the UK is common, but you need the right tax experts to help you get situated financially. Tax Advisory Partnership assists Green Card holders and US residents who have moved to the UK. If a UK resident has employment obligations in the US, they can also get help here.

Peterson Sims, Kingsteignton

Peterson Sims is a global tax company founded in 1991. International clients are welcome, but the staff’s expertise is in helping expats who are international property owners, overseas employers, non-resident UK business directors, retiring expats and expats moving to the UK.

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