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Everything You Need To Know About Spain In One Quick Infographic

March 19, 2014 expats / Spain

Facts About Spain: What To Know When Visiting Spain

At CurrencyFair, we are lucky enough to have some of the best customers in the world. Our customers are constantly spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ about how much money we’ve save them when they need to transfer money abroad.

Moving to Spain

Many CurrencyFair customers have moved to, and regularly send money to Spain. Some have moved with a company transfer, others have gone to start a business. Some of our customers have moved to Spain to study in a Spanish university and others have moved there to retire in their place in the sun for la buena vida.

For all of of these people, we’ve found a very handy summary of everything you need to know about Spain in one quick infographic.

The infographic about Spain includes information about:

  • Tourism facts and figures (4th most visited country in the world).
  • Most popular destination in Spain.
  • Most popular Spanish landmarks.
  • Tips on accommodation.
  • The number of hours you can spend in the sun in Spain each year.
  • Transport information.
  • Cultural highlights.
  • The delights of Spanish food.
  • Popular fiestas.

And much more.

All About Spain In One Quick Infographic

Check it out (and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family using the sharing icons below!).

Infographic:Why move to Spain?

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