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European Business Development and Tech Conferences to Attend in 2017

January 23, 2017 Entrepreneurship / Europe / management/HR / Web Development


Which European Business and Technology Conferences Should You See?

Conferences provide amazing opportunities for entrepreneurs to grow their business, either professionally or through the funding of investors they pitch.

In recent years, many conferences have become massive gatherings where CEOs and industry leaders come together to discuss ideas and solve problems.

The 20 Best European Technology Events To Visit This Year

Check out these 20 conferences happening around Europe this year if you’re looking to get inspired to do amazing things for your company.

Take a look at the 20 best Tech Conferences in Europe now

3XE Digital

February 9 — Dublin, Ireland

3XE is a daylong event with 16 talks and six workshops about data, social media and mobile optimisation. This year’s speakers represent companies such as Vodafone, PayPal. and IBM. Also, you’ll find representatives from marketing agencies that specialise in digital promotion.

Each talk will last 20 minutes to optimise learning and keep participants engaged throughout the day.


February 9 & 10 — Riga, Latvia

Despite its name, TechChill is described as the hottest tech conference in the Baltics. Investors and entrepreneurs come together to promote business in the area and discuss growth opportunities and trends for the region. This year’s speakers hail from Wix, TechCrunch and Prezi.

Mobile World Congress

February 27–March 2 — Barcelona, Spain

This is the premier conference for participants in the mobile industry along with professionals from software companies, equipment providers and companies affected by changes in mobile use. This year’s Mobile World Congress will cover the rise of artificial intelligence and marketing, along with autonomous vehicles and localised content.


20th World Business Dialogue

March 6–10 — Cologne, Germany

Taking place at the University of Cologne, the World Business Dialogue will bring together 7,000 students and 2,500 business partners to show the youth of today how they can be the gamechangers of tomorrow.

There are skills workshops and seminars to discuss challenges facing companies and bigger-picture issues that students are concerned about. This program is open to students and companies across the world.

eTail Germany

March 14 & 15 — Berlin, Germany

eTail works to connect companies in the retail industry that have successfully broken into ecommerce. There will be seminars ranging from fulfillment and accounting to marketing strategy and website optimisation.

There also will be networking events for people to meet with others from similar sized companies to compare problems and challenges facing organisations of their caliber. eTail also has events in the United States and is expanding internationally due to attendee demand.

Wolves Summit

March 28 & 29 — Warsaw, Poland

It’s free for startups to attend the annual Wolves Summit, making it a great opportunity to develop your company and meet with investors. The conference consists of lectures, one-on-one meetings, networking activities, and workshops to hone your business plans and pitches.

Even if you don’t have a complete business plan, this conference can help you develop your strategy and give you the tools to pitch investors.

RoboBusiness Europe

April 19–21 — Delft, Netherlands

RoboBusiness is a conference for people and companies who work in the robotics business. The founders believe that robotics is almost everyone’s business, whether they’re creating innovative technology or using it to power their company. This conference allows companies to meet the people at the center of robot innovation through networking and sponsorship opportunities.


Digital Media Europe

April 24–26 — Copenhagen, Denmark

This is the conference for digital news media execs to come together and discuss revenue and business opportunities. The three themes of this year’s Digital Media Europe conference are memberships and subscriptions, reclaiming the ad market, and new revenue frontiers.

Maastricht Entrepreneurship Week

May 9–12 — Maastricht, Netherlands

Along with the traditional conference workshops and speaking engagements, this event also allows 10 startups to battle for the best pitch in front of a jury of investors. Maastricht Entrepreneurship Week is known for its varied speakers, so stay tuned to learn who is speaking in 2017.

Not Your Average Tech Event

May 18 & 19 — Amsterdam, Netherlands

This conference by TheNextWeb has been dubbed “Coachella for co-founders and coders.” More than 15,000 tech leaders, entrepreneurs, developers, founders and marketing managers meet to discuss the latest trends and address concerns within the tech industry.

Even if you’re not directly related to a tech field, the sheer brainpower of people gathered in this conference can help you move your business forward.

European Marketing Academy Conference

May 23–26 — Groningen, Netherlands

The theme of this year’s EMA conference is “Leaving Footprints” because footprints leave evidence that you’ve made an impact while also creating a path for others to follow. This conference might be more dense than others, as it mostly attracts professional researchers in the marketing field. This means the topics tend to focus on overarching themes in the industry and how they affect the business world as a whole.

UX London

May 24–26 — London, England

UX London packs together three days of inspiration, education and skills development. The organisers bring together experts from around the world in a casual but intensive format to review best practices in user design and website development. They focus just as much on the human experience as the actual development, so attendees leave ready to meet the needs of their customers on a personal level.


May 25 & 26 — Tallinn, Estonia

With 1,500 attendees in 2016, Latitude59 is Estonia’s flagship tech event. Attendees will include Estonian startups along with investors from America, Europe, Russia and Asia. The conference is more than just an opportunity to pitch your business and get investment funds; it’s also a celebration of Estonian enterprise and culture.

Lux Executive Summit

May 31 & June 1 — Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lux Research Inc. created a summit for executives who see that the world is changing but struggle to enact change within their organisations to keep up. Topics will include digital transformation, changes in consumer behavior and the global energy transitions. This is an invitation-only event that brings together business executives, entrepreneurs and policymakers.


June 1 & 2 — Vienna, Austria

More than 1,000 innovators from 70 different countries flock to Vienna each year for the Pioneers conference. This conference also attracts executives from established companies who are eager to learn about the latest innovations and upcoming technology they should take advantage of. This year’s speakers include representatives from Uber, Google and Zendesk.

Viva Technology Paris

June 15–17 — Paris, France

The debut Viva Tech event last year drew more than 45,000 participants to Paris, setting the bar exceptionally high for this year. They aspire to be the largest tech event in Europe and pave the way for digital transformation across the EU.

Of all the people in attendance, there were 6,000 CEOs and 5,000 students from more than 100 countries. This is a great conference to attend regardless of your place on the career ladder.

Pirate Summit

September 6 & 7 — Cologne, Germany

The Pirate Summit calls itself Europe’s biggest invitation-only conference for early-stage startups and investors. There are 1,000 attendees (including 650 founders and 200 investors) and more than 60 speakers addressing issues related to surviving your first two years of business and breaking into challenging industries. Representatives from more than 60 countries attend, offering a diverse perspective of business opportunities.


Deep Learning Summit

September 21 & 22 — London, England

Re-Work hosts myriad events throughout the year and across the world, covering issues related to deep learning, women in tech and machine intelligence. The Deep Learning Summit is just one of their events going on in London this year, with 50 speakers and 400 attendees. You might also opt for a more niche conference experience if you’re in the health or finance industry.

Learn Inbound

LearnInbound will host a full-day conference on Wednesday 1st November, providing real, tangible advice on areas of marketing such as Conversion Optimisation, Analytics, SEO, PPC, Content, PR, and Growth. It will be hosted in the Mansion House in Dublin, and up to 600 marketers are expected to attend

Web Summit

November 6–9 — Lisbon, Portugal

Web Summit is easily the biggest gathering of tech professionals throughout Europe and the world, with more than 53,000 attendees, 7,000 CEOs and 15,000 companies from 166 countries.

The Web Summit founders believe there is no such thing as the “tech industry,” just industries affected by tech — which is almost all of them. This conference looks to address how tech is changing the world as a whole and how business is affected by it.


November 30 & December 1 — Helsinki, Finland

Over the course of two days, more than 17,500 attendees (including 1100 investors) will brave the Finnish winter. Slush boasts more than 4,000 pre-booked meetings to facilitate investor-startup relationships and help empower founders with amazing ideas.

Slush has expanded into a weeklong experience in Helsinki, with plenty of side events like concerts and exclusive dinners, so arrive a few days early to make the most of your experience.

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