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Cutting Edge Tools And Resources For Digital Nomads

September 8, 2015

Tools and resource for digital nomads

Tools And Resources All Digital Nomads Need

Wherever you’re connected to the internet, you’ve got global reach. With a few exceptions, your physical location doesn’t matter: You can work, invest, shop, play and socialise abroad, at home or on the go.

There are of course resources and tools designed for today’s global marketplace. We’ve found 23 such sites, apps and forums that educate, inform, and perform tasks, all of which simplify your nomadic existence and bring the world just a little bit closer together. 

Tools for Living or Travelling Abroad

Nomad List

Looking for the best place in the world to live and work remotely? Check out Nomad List, an online tool for digital nomads and startups that collects some 50,000 data points on more than 500 cities, including cost of living, Internet speed, average temperature and safety. It has a forum, too, where you can connect with other nomads, ask questions and share experiences.

Digital Nomad Chat

This location-based live chat community is powered by Nomad List and allows you to connect with fellow digital nomads and meet up in real time. Find out from people on the ground where the best places to work are in your city of choice, where the fastest WiFi is and how to rent an apartment without getting scammed.

Live and Invest Overseas

Whatever your reason is for being an expat (retirement living, investment or business), Live and Invest Overseas is an invaluable resource. Publisher Kathleen Peddicord has 25 years of experience to draw from, having traveled to more than 50 countries, purchased real estate in 17, and established businesses in seven.

Nomadic Notes

James Clark chronicles his life as a digital nomad on Nomadic Notes. Calling himself a location-independent entrepreneur, he’s originally from Melbourne and been on the road since 2003, travelling and running a business concurrently. You can learn a lot from James’ experiences, and he also has a great list of resources, including websites, podcasts and online communities.


If you’ve got a holiday property to rent or sell, or you’re looking for vacation accommodations, Weholi is an online marketplace that might prove useful. The site connects travelers and buyers with owners all over the world.



Business Tools


A predictive project management software for businesses, LiquidPlanner enables people, teams and business leaders to work better. Users say that by keeping the scheduling, time tracking and communication in one centralised location, they get more work done in less time. Mobile apps for iOS and Android give you the freedom to manage your IT projects when you’re away from your desk.


This internet application is a form builder that automatically builds the database, backend and scripts necessary to collect and understand information. You can use Wufoo to design online surveys and process simple payments as well. Everything’s hosted — you just need a browser and connection.


Can advertising really be fun again? That’s what this ad tech company’s goal is. It transforms standard advertisements into dynamic, interactive experiences that run anywhere on the web. Spongecell, which has offices across the US and Europe, offers data-driven solutions that help users deliver more effective video and display campaigns and better analyze consumer engagement.

Ecommerce Foundation

Located in Amsterdam, the Ecommerce Foundation says that its goal is to help companies improve their ecommerce activities. It works with worldwide national associations and provides research services that include country reports and custom studies to gain insights into new developments and trends.


When you’re working in a global marketplace, whatever the capacity, you may sometimes be in need of translation. That’s when TextMaster comes in handy. It’s a platform where you can obtain not just professional translation, but also content writing and proofreading services by native speakers across the globe.

Handy resources for digital nomads


Money Related Tools


If you’re worried about students loans, moving costs and other debts, the online debt-fighting tools at ReadyForZero will help you pay off your debt and manage your credit — automatically. The online and mobile planning tool is free, and will help you make a personalised payoff plan with reminders and progress tracking. There are resources for specific types of debt, too, with articles, links and tips.


WePay facilitates payments for marketplaces and crowdfunding sites including, Custom Made, and GoFundMe. It markets itself as being the “hassle-free” way to collect payments online; no merchant account, programming or website required.


You can be anywhere in the world to buy gold and silver online from GoldSilver, with third-party storage and vault storage available in North America, Singapore and Hong Kong. International credit cards and purchases using IRA accounts are also available, as is members-only expert information geared toward maximizing investments in precious metals. The founder of GoldSilver is Mike Maloney, author of Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver.

The Peter Schiff Show

An expert on money, economic theory and international investing, Peter Schiff was known as “Dr. Doom” because of his foretelling the US economic crisis years before it occurred. The economist, financial broker/dealer and author is host of the Peter Schiff Show Podcast. He follows up his daily two-hour radio show with podcasts focusing on weekly economic data analysis and unbiased coverage of financial news, both in US and global markets.

Hidden Secrets of Money Video Series

Mike Maloney of GoldSilver also hosts the Hidden Secrets of Money series. The video series offers a unique perspective on the history of money and its role in today’s economy.

Data Protection Tools


This global enterprise SaaS provider of endpoint data protection and security is best known for CrashPlan, a system that manages and protects your digital life with easy-to-use software and high-performance hardware storage. In other words, you can back your laptop up onto Code42’s cloud (and make sure you’ve also backed up your data on an external hard drive).


Another cloud-backup service for protecting your digital information is Mozy. Home users and businesses will appreciate the ease with which you can backup, access and restore your files. You can also access your files from your mobile device with mobile-native apps.

tools for living abroad


International News Tools

HUM News

HUM (which stands for Human Unlimited Media) is an online news source providing a wider world view by covering what they see as the “geographic gap” countries. You’ll get stories from the world’s fastest growing, youngest economies and populations. These are the countries where 70% of the population — comprising about 2 billion people — is under the age of 25, and positioned to dominate the world scene for the next 30 to 40 years.


This digital magazine is a platform that features news, thoughts and ideas of businesses, and articles such as this interview with the founder of India Boulevard, Akta Adani. It will connect businesses with each other, whether they are startups or established companies. The fields that these businesses are involved in run the gamut from retail, technology, healthcare and logistics to travel, lifestyle and entertainment.

Expat Newswire

This site is a one-stop resource for people living and travelling outside of their home countries. Managed by a team of expats, journalists and financial professionals, it is written for English speakers who work or invest abroad, do business internationally, or retire overseas. Recent articles at Expat Newswire include an update on English teacher salaries in Hong Kong, Kuwait’s possible work visa restrictions and a global income comparison — Switzerland came out on top.

International Shopping Tools


An ecommerce platform and marketplace founded in 2012, Tictail is home where independent brands can sell their wares. The Swedish ecommerce startup brings together thousands of merchants who tend to offer more unique items than what you might find at a giant like Amazon, but it’s less DIY-crafty than Etsy.


This global marketplace allows you to shop in your language and currency. Fruugo is global shopping made local, accepting payment methods you’re familiar with along with guaranteed competitive prices, return periods and secure transactions. Currently, Fruugo is available in 23 countries, including Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The company plans to add more countries to that list soon.


Brazilian Tiago Dalvi, founder and CEO of Solidarium, started with one shop where local artisans could sell their handmade wares, and then quickly connected with retailers, including Walmart, JC Penney and Ikea. The online marketplace soon followed, and many once-struggling artisans are now selling across the globe. This company is a great example of social entrepreneurship, demonstrating how cutting-edge technology changes people’s lives. Read the full story here.


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