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Customer Stories – 6,600km On A Harley Davidson – Real Savings With CurrencyFair

April 27, 2016

6,600km On A Harley Davidson, Thanks To CurrencyFair

We receive a lot of feedback here at CurrencyFair. Whenever we get something specific, a real-life example of how saving money on international transfers can make our customers happy, we love to share.

So, last week, when Rab Smith left a review on our TrustPilot page, we just had to follow up.

Rab spotted this beauty online, and as he was planning to visit Scotland soon, it made perfect sense to, well, buy a Harley Davidson.



The seller confirmed that the money had hit the account in the UK all the way from sunny Australia after only two days. At today’s rate (26th April: 1 AUD = 0.529592 GBP) sending $24,000 from Australia to Scotland would save you around £340 compared to using your bank.

Rab’s Reward

That saving could get Rab (at today’s price) 331 litres of petrol. With a fuel economy of around 5.5 litres/100km, the savings made using CurrencyFair could see him enjoy an extra 6,600km on his Harley. That’s two thirds of the entire coastline of mainland Scotland – quite a reward.

Here’s the review itself – click through to see more great stories of how people and businesses save money by avoiding their banks and using CurrencyFair for their international bank transfers instead.



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