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CurrencyFair Review By Third Parties

November 26, 2013

When a person needs to send money overseas they will naturally have some concerns and questions that need answering. We’ll answer these questions now in this quick CurrencyFair review.

However, we’re going to do things a little differently today.

Rather than try to convince you with fancy sales talk and self-praise, we’re going to rely entirely on customer feedback that is publicly available on Facebook . . .

CurrencyFair Review – The Four Major Categories

The four main areas of concern for any person wanting to send money abroad are usually:

  • Cost – How much will it cost to send the money to another country in another currency?
  • Speed – How long will it take to send the money?
  • Security – How safe is it to send the money? Will it get there ok?
  • Service – What’s the support like for customers?

Let’s take a look at objective, third-party feedback.

Let’s do a CurrencyFair review . . .

A Review of CurrencyFair By Customers


The cost to send money is a huge factor for many people who need to send money abroad. Whilst we could talk all day long about companies that offer false claim of ‘zero commission and no fees’ when sending your money overseas, we’ll let others do the talking for us . . .

Darren Bird: After using both Ozforex and CurrencyFair, CurrencyFair wins. Cheaper transfer fee and I ended up with more money at the other end.


Simon McKenna: Two friends both recommended CurrencyFair to me the same week, at first I was sceptical but YouTube’d it a bit and it seemed pretty straight forward. The rates are way better than the banks offered, and only $4 charge on top, regardless of the amount exchanged, so I did my research, helped a friend with an instant or ‘QuickTrade’ as they needed the job done fast, and within about 2 days the whole thing was done and dusted. I, however, had more time on my hands, looked up the ‘MarketPlace’ option – and put my bid in, within a few hours my full bid was fulfilled and I have now transferred the lot into my bank the other side, saving me approx. $300-400, I will now do my bit and tell all my friends about this service and I’m pretty sure if everyone else on here does the same, CF will have 100,000+ likes in no time, and the banks will have to re-think their scamming ways. Thanks CurrencyFair! You guys are awesome!

Russ Nash: It’s easy. Just pick the transfer method that’s leaves you with the most money at the other end. Free commission means they are hiding something in the exchange rate. If they don’t “Show me the money” at the other end then there’s something to hide.


Cost is not the only area of concern when sending money abroad.

Sometimes you need that money to reach its destination quickly. Let’s see what our customers think . . .

Brian Davies: Thanks again CF. Another smooth transaction. Sent money from my UK bank to you at 09.30 CET, did the deal at 11.00 CET and cash in my Spanish bank by 4PM – and that was ‘standard’ service. Great! Oh, and it was a terrific rate too, only about half a point off mid market.


Vi Morgdots was so impressed with the speed of our service that she told her friend about us via Facebook: Can’t believe it Louise , I sent the money priority today at lunchtime and it’s already in my Irish account ? 8 euro is all it cost! I’m delighted. Before I was doing it online banking taking 5 days, 20 dollars, charged on exchange rate here then when it hit my account at home being charged again! One occasion it cost me over 100 dollars just for the transfers! I’m sold on CurrencyFair.

Brian Davies: Another excellent transaction with Currency Fair yesterday. Sterling transferred from my UK bank to CF at about 10:00hrs; Euros in my account in Spain before the end of the same day. Great rate too (as usual). Thanks CF, excellent service.


It’s all well and good for a service to be cheap and fast but the money needs to reach its destination safely. How does CurrencyFair rate for security and peace of mind?

Simon Taylor: I used CF for the first time this week. I have to say that the constant updates on the process of my transaction were superb. As was the assistance when I stupidly put the wrong format of account number in for my UK account ( I took it straight form my bank statement but it was not 8 digit format) – CF informed me of the error, returned my funds and did so free of charge. I highly recommend them and will now be a regular user.

Neil Stainton: Brilliant support by CurrencyFair who managed to recover an incorrect payment I had made to a supplier. Well done and thank you guys!

Christine Roberts: Having been caught up recently in the Cyprus banking crisis, we have to thank CurrencyFair for their efforts in getting us back our spending power! Our funds transfer ‘bounced’ back due to Cyprus banks closure and we received a fantastic personal service from CurrencyFair (thank you Tim Porter), each step of the way until the monies were received. All that and a great £ to € exchange rate as always! First Class!

Finally, everyone is so busy these days that having access to good customer support is very important when we need to get things done.


Let’s see what these people had to say on Facebook about CurrencyFair’s customer service . . .

Brian Guilly: Just wanted to say thanks for all the help with my recent transfer. ANZ were being a real pain, CurrencyFair’s director called me and personally offered to contact ANZ on my behalf to help get the transfer though. That’s service!! Thanks guys. Highly recommended.



Liz Hales: I am using Currency Fair for the third time today and have introduced friends also. Great service and speed. Also ye provide great customer service and support. It’s refreshing to be

able to transfer money simply and without being charged exorbitant fees. Long may you continue!

Simon Jugand: Great service once again, life for an expat receiving salary in one place and living in another is just so much easier! Thanks again and keep it up.Diane Lloyd-Roberts: Used Currency Fair for the first time yesterday, can’t praise them enough. Great communications and a speedy transaction. Fantastic service.

Igor Prizzi: I think this is the best currency conversion service EVER! No middle men and no hidden costs whatsoever, you really save a lot of money with Currency Fair. The staff is brilliant and the customer support is outstanding. Highly recommended.

Thanks to all our wonderful customers who have given us such excellent feedback. We intend to keep up the work and continue to make life easier for people who need to send money abroad.


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