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CurrencyFair Customers Have Now Transferred More than 1 Billion Euro

July 18, 2014
CurrencyFair Customers Have Transferred 1 Billion Euro

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At CurrencyFair, we are delighted to announce that our customers have used our amazing online service to transfer more than one billion euro! That’s saved them nearly €50 million euro!

CurrencyFair customers have transferred more than 1 billion euro saving nearly €50 million in the process.

It has been quite a journey from where we began – a small group of idealistic people who were foolish enough to take on the might of the big greedy banks to where we are now – a powerful influence on the banking sector that is forcing down the huge cost of sending money abroad.

Back in March we announced being the first peer-to-peer currency transfer service to break $1 billion mark. Since then we’ve been busy transferring 30% more a month, breaking the €1 billion barrier in the process.

Thanks to everyone who has supported CurrencyFair as we continue to take on the big banks with their dodgy exchange rates and huge fees for sending money abroad.

We’ve now transferred 1 billion euro for our customers around the world and we’re still going strong!

Help us spread the word!

Long may it continue!

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