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CurrencyFair At Techies4TempleStreet

October 10, 2015

Techies4TempleStreet is Ireland’s first ever charity event bringing together the technology community and its partners to network and compete in an intellectually challenging treasure trail while making an impact to the lives of the next generation of techies.

On October 2nd, eight members of the CurrencyFair Team took part in the event, which was a treasure-hunt/tech-quiz crossover of sorts. t4ts-logoIn the end, we finished in 35th place out of 69 teams – that’s top half, whichever way you look at it.

More importantly, we raised just under €700 for Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

The first of many group pictures – in CurrencyFair HQ before heading towards the RDS to start the Techies4TempleStreet treasure trail. You can find even more on the the T4TS Twitter.


Quick thinking and improvisation was key. All 69 teams had to take a picture with the bananas provided, and Jamie came to our rescue with his best impression of a……we’re still not sure. We won the contest though! Here we are with our fancy bottle of Glenfiddich whiskey. (Does anyone know where that went, by the way?)


Just (another) quick group picture with our new selfie stick before heading to town.


The first team challenge was a bit like skiing, but on grass, with planks instead of skis, and colleagues instead of balance, but we won the race! 500 points to the CurrencyFair Team, and another congratulatory selfie.


Time for some Wheel of Fortune – and thanks to Stella, another 500 points. Then, Rock n’ Roll time with Elvis and finally, the last activity before heading back to the RDS was to squeeze into an old taxi for (yes, another) selfie.


Time to relax. A quick pit-stop in Kehoe’s before continuing on with our adventures.


To round things off, here’s the Team doing their best impression (really?) of tough, southern hemisphere rugby warriors.

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