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Currency Exchange For Your Company – Check Out These Customer Reviews

October 16, 2014

Here at CurrencyFair, we pride ourselves on helping anybody who needs to transfer money abroad cut down on fees and sneaky exchange rate margins, but we’re also available to businesses who deal in foreign transactions. Whether accepting payment from purchasers in alternative currencies, running an online store selling goods and services across the globe, or even remitting profits to head office without the costly bank fees, we can save you a lot of money.

Customer Feedback

We recently asked our business customers to tell us a little about themselves and why they chose CurrencyFair as their currency exchange provider.

These are their stories.



What do you do?
We provide an excellent WordPress maintenance service. Security, back-ups, updates, speed improvement, …we’ve got it all covered and go the extra mile to make sure your managed websites are safe.

Why CurrencyFair?

Prices, speed, ease of use and transparency.


What do you do?
AdvancedTelecare helps people live at home for longer, keeping them safer and reducing the costs of care. They also help people with learning difficulties and mental health issues, as well as training, advising and setting up Telecare services for local government, housing associations and others.

They can transform lives. For example, a man who has been house-bound and unable to answer the telephone can now get help and talk with his friends and relatives. They helped an elderly couple stay together by helping a woman who’s husband suffered from Dementia to care for him so he didn’t have to go into a home. They helped a young man with learning difficulties and Autism to manage some daily tasks and be more independent, relieving his parents a little.

Why CurrencyFair?

Easy to use, fast, reliable, I’m in control and of course, the savings!

Blue Eagle Invocation LTD

What do you do?
We manufacture Native American (First Nations) perfumes that have therapeutic and spiritual qualities. We have integrated 2 different ancient traditions into our products: traditional French perfumery methodology and First Nations shamanic techniques.

Why CurrencyFair?

Better rates and higher ethical standards.

Garden Beet

What do you do?
We are an online garden accessories store with specialist vertical garden services.

Garden Beet is raising $5,000 to fund a website that offers an opportunity for disabled people to meet employers in a job seeking environment without fear of discrimination. The idea came about to the director of Garden Beet when she was rejected for a job with a very long recruitment process, due to disclosing her own disability.

“It just wasted my time. Let us allow businesses who truly support people with disabilities to stand forward”.

A draconian mix of attitudes and government policies has created economic misery for many capable and talented Australians. The business case for employment of people with disabilities has been well documented. Australia is well behind the other OECD countries. Our employment rate of disabled people is embarrassing.

Why CurrencyFair?

It’s fabulous that the banks have a serious competitor. My suppliers are in America and EU – I find the transaction process easier on Currency Fair than via the banks, and also cheaper.

ByGreen Pty Ltd

What do you do?

ByGreen is a leading supplier of natural and biodegradable food packaging and tableware. Their compostable products are a natural and sustainable alternative to plastic and is extensively used in hotels, restaurants, for parties, picnics, barbeques, etc.

Their nature inspired products like Areca Palm Leaf Bio-plates has provided a great alternative for parties, saving a lot of plastic and paper packaging going into land fill.

Why CurrencyFair?

Ease of use, low cost and higher rate, and excellent customer service!

Mini MIH

What do you do?
It’s an online retail store selling children’s clothes for children aged 1-6 years old. Their main focus is to introduce high quality clothes that are unique, funky, functional and fun. They deliver worldwide with free delivery within the UK.

The clothes they sell are of very high quality. It has a real Scandinavian feel, probably because the owner is Swedish. Great customer service and attention to detail.

Why CurrencyFair?

I can send money to my suppliers all over the world, without paying the bank’s high fees and getting terrible rates. CurrencyFair has made my life so easy!!

Book Polishers

What do you do?
Book Polishers offers everything you need to get your book from draft to print. Exceptionally high quality typesetting and ebook creation services at competitive prices. We have a fast turnaround, without skimping on quality, and offer more individuality in design and layout.

Your book won’t end up looking like every other book out there!

Why CurrencyFair?

Ease of use, and much better prices than PayPal and other similar services.

What do you do?
Wordy is a professional copy-editing and proofreading service. We optimise the accuracy and readability of content – from Fortune 500 business reports to academic texts and web copy. Wordy’s customers are world-wide and include individuals, SMEs and Fortune 500 companies. They do real-time, human, copy-editing and proofreading for everything you write.

Why CurrencyFair?

  1. Getting rid of the banks.
  2. Solid process and ease of use.

Vineyards Direct

What do you do?
Vineyards Direct is a new concept of collaboration with small Italian wine producers that creates a direct link between artisan wineries and the UK market. Enjoy the ex-cellar experience without committing to massive stock or cash-flow issues!

Why CurrencyFair?

It’s fair! Cheaper, and quick.

Beyond Oil

What do you do?
We directly market good quality electric bicycles and scooters mainly to Australians at astoundingly good prices. Beyond Oil’s customers range from young thrill seeks wanting an off-road bicycle, to oldies wanting to get around quicker.

We’re tireless in our promotion of low carbon electric transport and love to explain every facet of it to our customers.

Why CurrencyFair?

CurrencyFair saves us money by keeping my money in US dollars and exchanging and sending it with very low costs. They are friendly and helpful people and their website is as clear as glass.

Stonechat Jewellers

What do you do?
Stonechat Jewellers is a refreshing alternative to high street jewellers showcasing contemporary pieces hand-crafted by Irish designers.

An open door, prices showing and a relaxed atmosphere make Stonechat Jewellers an extremely welcoming shop and their in-store workshop gives a unique insight into how a piece of jewellery is created.

“A Stonechat is a little-known Irish bird that is a beautiful shade of grey with a little dash of red. It is a perfect example of understated beauty – something that I want to reflect both in my designs and in my store in The Westbury Mall.” Ann Chapman, Goldsmith & Designer

Stonechat Jewellers was highly commended for ‘Best in Service’ in The Irish Times ‘Best Shops in Ireland’ competition 2014.

Why CurrencyFair?

Easy to use and good value – no reason to change as I’m perfectly happy with the service provided.

SMS Express

What do you do?
People are wedded to their mobile phones, and don’t ignore a text message..and they usually read & respond within seconds!

This makes SMS a very fast, powerful communications tool. Instead of spending hours on the phone calling people, you can send a bulk text message in seconds, saving time, money and tedium! SMS Express allows you to contact your customers, members, or staff fast via SMS. Send 1 or send 1000s of text messages from your PC or tablet and get free replies, reports, plus other tools to manage your campaign. Pay as you go bulk SMS Text Messaging for businesses, event management, clubs, churches, and groups.

You can also schedule automatic Birthday or Anniversary or Annual Reminder Messages….your staff & clients will love it!

Why CurrencyFair?

Ease of use, great customer service and support.

I tried a competitor but CurrencyFair’s customer service and help to get me started was far and above the other guy’s.


What do you do?
247Tech offer dependable IT Support for businesses in and around Dublin, Dun Laoghaire, and Blackrock. Their experienced professionals are your partners in Computer Services, so your business can simplify its everyday processes and increase efficiency.

MD Garrett Murphy installed the first Microsoft Exchange 2000 server in Europe!!

Why CurrencyFair?

It’s an efficient, user-friendly, safe & cost-effective way to transfer money.

Lightsign Limited

What do you do?
Lightsign are a cutting edge manufacturer and supplier of digital signage products to the European Market. Specialising in Petrol Forecourt, and Retail display system. Hardware, Software, Consultation and Support.

Lightsign have the most user friendly and reliable Led Price sign system on the market. They provide an unmatched range of digital signage products, but more importantly technical support and aftersales service to help achieve seamless delivery of high tech projects to the end user.

Why CurrencyFair?

Easy to use, savings on fees and charges.

One World Resourcing

What do you do?
OWR is an international resourcing, immigration and consulting group with offices in New Zealand, Australia and IRE/ UK. Offering ethical and transparent recruitment solutions OWR partners with clients to forward plan, optimise and resource their workforce requirements.

OWR is currently pioneering an Ethical Recruitment Model to source and provide workers from the Philippines to the New Zealand construction market. One of the few companies in New Zealand accredited by the POEA in the Philippines, OWR looks after the welfare of workers for the duration of their employment contracts.

Why CurrencyFair?

Customer Service – prompt returning of phone calls and emails when a problem arises and your employees’ efforts to remedy.

Xtreme – Gene Waterski & Wakeboard Camp

What do you do?
It has to be one of the best destinations for waterski or wakeboard holidays in Europe. It´s situated in Andalucia, Spain in an amazing location and all their staff/coaches make sure you not only get the best results while on the water but they make it a fun holiday too.

They always have the best level of coaching as they employ top riders and skiers from around the world.

Why CurrencyFair?

Simple and quick to make transactions with friendly and professional service, and great rates!

Quantego Ltd.

What do you do?
Quantego logo
Quantego optimisation solutions help companies make optimal decisions in an uncertain environment. They are the first to offer truly cloud-based versions of industrial-grade optimisation software.

Why CurrencyFair?

The power to directly trade with other participants, and the flexibility to keep and distribute funds.

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