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Currency Exchange Advice From Conor McGregor?

January 22, 2016 expats


Fansmcgregor-savings of UFC are probably also fans of Conor McGregor, the outspoken star of the scene. With success comes money, and Conor is certainly on the happy-bus in that regard. He earned $500,000 for his July win over Chad Mendes, and $590,000 for his last impressive 13 second win over Jose Aldo – but this is nothing compared to the Pay Per View earnings.

In fact, Forbes recently worked out that including McGregor’s fees from Pay Per View receipts for his 13 second fight with Aldo, he earned $8 million in total (That’s $622,000 per second!!). Using CurrencyFair instead of his bank to send these dollars back to Ireland could have saved him €188,000 in transfer fees!

In other words, we could have saved Conor McGregor €14,541 for every second of his fight with Jose Aldo.

“The Notorious”, as he likes to be known, is currently lighting up the world of MMA with his antics in press conferences and interviews, and with style and controversy being a highly-coveted aspect of the sport (viewers gotta view, after all), his recent appearance left us thinking – how does he transfer all those dollars back to Ireland?

Thankfully, he explains it for us in this clip (and then stares emptily from right to left like a pro):


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