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Better In, Better Out, Better Off – CurrencyFair On Brexit

June 16, 2016

CurrencyFair and Brexit

The Brexit campaign has entered the final phase and tension has reached fever pitch.

Arguments have been debated, insults have been traded, and wild claims have been made on both sides.

Entire national economies have even been affected.

ABC Brexit Article

Britain’s referendum on whether to stay or leave the EU takes place on 23 June 2016.

Better In, Better Out, Better Off

Amidst all the confusion, CurrencyFair has stepped in to reassure people that, regardless of which way the Pound moves, you’ll be better off moving your money with CurrencyFair.CurrencyFair City AM Brexit Campaign

In the past few weeks, CurrencyFair customers and supporters may have noticed our own Brexit campaign reaching people around the UK.

Whichever way you vote on June 23rd, you’ll always be better off with as we’re up to 8 times cheaper than the banks when transferring money abroad. Vote no to Brexit fluctuations and vote yes to great market beating exchange rates.

Commuters in London and the Home Counties have been learning about the campaign whilst reading the free daily newspaper, City AM.

CurrencyFair in City AM

People visiting one of the UK’s largest personal finance site, This Is Money, have been reading CurrencyFair’s Brexit information.

We’ve also been busy spreading our Better In? Better Out? Better Off! message on many other sites including such as The Evening Standard, Sky News, and The Guardian.

You may have also noticed us on Twitter with one particular tweet getting a lot of favourable attention (do you recognise the picture?).

Which?Money finds #CurrencyFair to be cheapest way to send £10,000 to a European bank a/c

— CurrencyFair (@CurrencyFair) February 1, 2016

Where Is The Pound Heading?

If you’re still wondering about the pound’s movements, make sure you take a look at our rate tracker – just click the Trends button at the top of our website.

CurrencyFair GBP Rate Tracker

11am, 16 June 2016

UK Residents

Finally, UK residents, we’ll waive the transfer fee on your 1st transfer. if you open an account before July 31st.

Better In? Better Out? Better Off!

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