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The Jobs Of The Future Are Here Now: 20 Top Startups To Work For Around The World

December 7, 2015 business / expats

Best Startups To Work For

20 Of the Best Startups To Work For Around The Globe

It’s easy to romanticise working for a startup.

Whole teams coding in a basement, everyone eating ramen noodles for months at a time until you get your prototype out — those experiences are both badges of honor and awful working conditions.

But you can help build a great company and work alongside some of the world’s greatest minds without having to suffer through ramen profitability. Below are 20 great startups and fast-growing companies from around the world that reward talented employees with fair pay, exciting work and a welcoming company culture. 

Work For Startups: The Jobs Of The Future Are Here Now

Startups in The United States


This native advertising company, based San Carlos, California with additional offices in Seattle, was founded by CEO Dan Greenberg. Sharethrough has produced advertisements for such big-name brands as P&G, Pepsi, People, Hearst and Time.

  • Glassdoor review: “Welcoming culture with passionate, smart and committed employees. Energetic team dedicated to revolutionizing the native ad industry. Smart and caring leadership.” [Source]


ReadyPulse, based out of Seattle, lets companies pull all their social media onto a single platform to build an audience and a cohesive brand. CEO Dennis O’ Malley plus ex-Amazon and ex-Microsoft leaders Mihir Vaidya and Vinod Gupta founded the startup.

  • Glassdoor review: “ReadyPulse has a very closely integrated team of great engineers. It is the most satisfying thing when team mates work for each other. Although it is a fast paced environment but the aura of positive energy and inspirational environment keeps us satisfied and never exhausted. Every minute is satisfying.” [Source]

startup woman working on laptop


Storefront co-founder and CEO Erik Eliason built this San Francisco-based company to help retailers find pop-up stores and short-term retail space around the country. Clients for the startup, not yet even three years old, include Kanye West.

  • Glassdoor review: “Storefront is a small startup comprised of a diverse team that is both highly driven and intelligent. Everyday presents a challenge and an opportunity to grow.” [Source]

Palantir Technologies

A data analysis company that targets large non-profit groups and government entities, New York-based Palantir Technologies offers a quantitative data product and an enterprise data product for customers. Its founders comprise a Silicon Valley dream team: Stephen Cohen, Joe Lonsdale, Alex Karp, Peter Thiel and Nathan Gettings.

  • Glassdoor review: “The first thing that I tell friends interested in Palantir is that I can’t imagine working anywhere else and that while I have done some really interesting work in previous jobs, there is no way I would ever consider going back to them over staying at Palantir. The work is demanding and impactful, the organization is empowering, the people are impressive and great to work with, and up and down the company is always seeking ways to improve.” [Source]


SeatGeek, another New York startup, finds the cheapest seats for concerts and sporting events by crawling its ticket inventory right on its site. Jack Groetzinger and Russell D’Souza, both formerly of Philadelphia startup DreamIT Ventures, founded the company.

  • Glassdoor review: “People care about you here. They respect your opinions, they listen to what you have to say, they make time for you. Everyone is friendly, we all have a lot of fun and despite the growth and number of people now working at SG, we still have that startup culture of fun, games, company outings, beer, snacks. It’s by far the best place I’ve ever worked.” [Source]

Top Global Startups

Startups in The United Kingdom


The perfect place to find a flat, Flatclub in London lets you plan for short-term stays no longer than a couple of months. You choose when you want to check in and check out and then find a willing host. Nitzan Yudan founded the startup.

  • Glassdoor review: “I loved the atmosphere and everyone’s willingness to help one another, regardless if it was their designated task or not.” [Source]


Blockchain, which is also based in London, is a huge information resource for the Bitcoin community. Traders, investors and merchants can track network activity and confirm transactions on the currency’s distributed ledger here.

  • Glassdoor review: “Incredibly talented and highly motivated team – Working on top of very new and exciting technology – Provider of some of the most widely used bitcoin services – Each employee is given a healthy amount of individual responsibility (and can therefore have a high individual impact).” [Source]


With offices across the world (including New York City, San Francisco and London), Skimlinks is a UK-based startup that allows bloggers, writers and publishers to monetize their work by automatically connecting their content with affiliate link opportunities. Alicia Navarro, the company’s CEO, is also its founder.

  • Glassdoor review: “Positive work/life balance Transparent/easy access to founders Employees are heard Talented and personable group of people and nice sense of camaraderie.” [Source]


MarketInvoice is a peer-to-peer lending service connects you to investors who will buy up some debt item you have — an unpaid invoice, for example — so you can get cash quickly. The London-based company was founded by Charles Delingpole, Ilya Kondrashov and Anil Stocker.

  • Glassdoor review: “It takes a real mission to get me out of bed on a wet Monday morning; MarketInvoice delivers that. We’re really changing the financial services landscape and driving big improvements for our clients.” [Source]


Realeyes, a platform that can read a person’s emotions through facial recognition technology, got its start at the University of Oxford. Today, its clients include video publishers who want to know how their audiences respond to the content they are viewing.

  • Glassdoor review: “If you’d like to work in an international but small startup, this is one of the best places you can choose.” [Source]

two laptops

Startups in Canada


FreshBooks makes life as simple for small business owners as possible by making accounting, billing, invoicing and other financial duties much, much easier.

  • Glassdoor review: “Even though it is getting to be a large company, it still has the culture of a start-up. The people are the best asset of the company. They have hack offs every quarter which allows developers to explore different technology and use their creativity to improve the in-house tools and customer product.” [Source]


One of the biggest startups in Canada, Shopify was created in 2006 to make all of your online buying and selling needs that much easier. You can make your own online store or add an e-shop to your existing blog or website. Scott Lake, Daniel Weinand and Tobias Lutke founded the company after attempting a snowboarding company with a similar concept.

  • Glassdoor review: “Incredibly smart bunch of people, the huge majority of whom really care about what they’re working on…Even c-level team are very approachable and down to earth.” [Source]


Another shopping startup, Mobify focuses more on the mobile end of the retail spectrum. Apps and management tools help shoppers buy products from anywhere on any device, whether that’s a smartphone, tablet or computer. Peter McLachlan, John Boxall and Igor Faletski are the co-founders.

  • Glassdoor review: “Wow, where do I start. Working at Mobify was an amazing experience. Never before have I worked with such a talented, fun loving group of people. Everyone is extremely passionate about the work they are doing, and it shows! The quality of the software produced is top notch, and people are continuously striving for better.” [Source]

A Thinking Ape

A mobile gaming design company, A Thinking Ape is responsible for a slew of fun and addictive mobile games. Kingdoms at War lets you build you own army for combat, SMASH Monsters lets you generate teams of monsters to fight the masses, Party In My Dorm is a college life simulator where your goal is to become as popular as possible, and The Meego is about a population of people who must use magic to survive life in an active volcano.

  • Glassdoor review: “Great atmosphere, smart people, fun events. Teams are generally run independently, meaning that you get to choose the solution that works best for your project, rather than having to sell someone on it, but there’s still top-down direction so everyone’s steering the ship in the same direction, so to speak.” [Source]

whiteboard meeting

Startups in Germany

Visual Meta

Shop for furniture or the hottest looks practically straight from the runway with Visual Meta. This Berlin startup, founded by Robert M. Maier and Johannes Schaback, creates shopping portals for countries around the world.

  • Glassdoor review: “International team – Flexible hours to start the day, 7 to 10 – Company growing fast.” [Source]


Berlin startup MEDIGO opens the entire world up to patients looking for care or elective procedures. MEDIGO helps people get second opinions, find and compare treatment costs, and schedule appointments at clinics across the globe. The company was founded by Marianna Anderle, Ugur Samut, Ieva Soblickaite and Pawel Cebula.

  • Glassdoor review: “-Independence – ideas are heard – opportunities to move up in the company – young, approachable, fun founders – nice office space – opportunities to travel.” [Source]


Foodpanda offers on-demand delivery to 40 countries. You simply search for restaurants by location, choose what you want, pay for your order, and get your food delivered right to you. This Berlin startup was founded by Ben Bauer.

  • Glassdoor review: “Getting knowledge and earning money.” [Source]


Eyeo gave the world Adblock Plus, the free ad blocking program that cuts out video and Internet advertisements. The Cologne-based startup’s goal isn’t to erase ads altogether, but to show consumers ads that are better-suited for that user’s experience.

  • Glassdoor review: “The team knowledge about certain areas is world class 100% remote friendly Very competitive salary (depending on where you work from, of course) Allocated (and promoted) time to work on self-decided projects.” [Source]


Gathering the best of European fashion into one easy-to-use site, Stylight has experts from more than 20 countries working everyday to make sure women and men can always find just the right thing to wear. This startup was founded by Sebastian Schuon, Benjamin Guenther, Max-Josef Meier and Anselm Bauer.

  • Glassdoor review: “Very concerned about employee well-being. Supportive and international, an interesting mix of people from all over the world. Challenging and smart founders who will listen to everyone in the business and take on board suggestions and ideas.” [Source]

CurrencyFair Life

Startups in Ireland


Ah, surely you couldn’t blame us for including ourselves on this list? With rapid growth, a brand new head office in a bright and bustling part of Dublin, and with a fun, relaxed, respectful working environment, it’s no wonder that people from all over the world have joined the team at CurrencyFair.

  • Glassdoor review: “Really nice place to work. Very friendly coworkers; Open and informal atmosphere, everyone is willing to help you with anything; No deadlines, quality-first approach, completely no pressure; You can get any data (even financial) on the company; A lot of fun events; Free fruits, Friday lunch and beers; Company helps with relocating from another countries.” [Source]

Images by: Henry McIntosh, StartupStockPhotos, Markus Spiske, Damian Zaleski 


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