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Australian Fun Facts – Video & Infographic Shrink Entire Population Of Australia Down To One Street

March 25, 2014

Fun Facts About Australia – Video & Infographic

Aussies or people moving to Australia will enjoy this fun video and infographic which shrink the entire population of Australia down to one street.

You’ll quickly learn everything you need to know about how things have changed Down Under.

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The video and infographic are based on recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Australian Fun Facts

According to the data, if you live on an average sized street in Australia comprised of 100 households, of those households on your street there is:

  • a marriage every 9 months
  • a death every 7 months
  • a birth every 14 weeks.

These 100 households comprise 260 people, 45 dogs and 27 cats!

There are 162 cars owned on the street, which in total drive more than 2 million kilometres each year.

Australian Fun Facts Infographic

Let’s get to it. Here is the infographic (scroll down for the video).

Australian Fun Facts

Impressive indeed!

Australian Fun Facts Video

Now let’s take a look at the video.

Remember, if you’re planning on a move to Australia, check out this quick checklist for moving to Australia.

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