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Annoying Business Jargon [Infographic]

August 1, 2014 infographics

In most modern workplaces, if you asked someone to “open the kimono,” you’d be up on a workplace harassment charge faster than your boss could say “HR wants a word.”

However, this phrase (“open the kimono”) has somehow crept its way into normal office vernacular.

It has been joined by others.

Annoying Business Jargon

Our recent article on corporate jargon uncovered unsettling or just plain annoying business jargon such as:

  • Take Offline: When someone suggests that a matter be “taken offline”, what they actually mean is that whatever the issue is, it’s not very important so everyone should stop talking and forget all about it, until it comes back as a major problem a few weeks later.
  • Peel The Onion: This phrase describes how to carefully look at a problem, by peeling back the layers one at a time, i.e. look at a problem in depth. Who’s ever peeled more than the outside layer off an onion?!
  • Win-Win: A sugar-coated way of saying that this is a situation where both parties lose out equally, or one side wins but wants to pretend that it’s a mutually beneficial deal.

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The next time you catch yourself using any of this jargon be sure to drill down and synergise a customer-driven solution.

Feel free to share this on Twitter or elsewhere if you’ve heard any of these during a work meeting.

Brought to you by the market-facing, paradigm-shifting team at CurrencyFair.

Heard of any others not on the list?

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