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9 French Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

July 14, 2015

It is well known that France is one of the most important countries in the world for diplomacy and trade.

What is perhaps not as well known is that French startups have gone global many times and excellent new companies pop up all the time.

With CurrencyFair increasingly being recognised as an invaluable tool for individuals and businesses with a foot in more than one country, we thought it’d be a good idea to look at other companies that can help your business. Here are 9 French tech companies that caught our interest.

French Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business Grow

French Tech Companies To Watch

French Tech Companies To Watch

Evercontact – Anyone who operates on different platforms, email, socialever-contact media, a CRM system knows the hassle of having to copy all of those contacts into each separate system. Evercontact transfers them automatically. Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, Salesforce, Connectwise, and Highrise can all be connected directly to each other allowing you to build your contact base faster and easily. (TwitterFacebook)

Infinit – Sending files to people is one of the things that makes the internetinfinit-logo so useful but every email system and social media platform has a file size limit. It is so frustrating trying to send an important file and getting that message that says it’s too large. Infinit makes that problem go away. There is no file size limit in their file sharing program. You are able to send an entire book, a complete image portfolio, or a complete film without limits and without hassle. (TwitterFacebook)

Mention – Knowing what people are saying about you online ismention-logo the key to managing your reputation and avoiding problems. It can help you find potential new customers and clients too. Mention takes care of it for you. Going beyond just the news, Mention tracks what is being said on social media and the entire web. The key to success in the 21st century to react to things quickly; Mention lets you know right away so you can keep on top of things. (TwitterFacebook)

French Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

SimpliField – An important component of sales success is having reports in hand at all times. SimpliField allows your sales team to see performance reports from anywhere. These detailed and graphical reports draw data from the team, other programs, and you to put together customised reports that use media and a scoring system to help your team move the business forward and make the sales. With real-time updates and instant synchronisation, sales team members can access reports from the field to adjust their activity and meet up-to-the-minute needs. (TwitterFacebook)

Linkurious – Being able to see data is a skill that few of us possess.linkurious-logo Seeing the links between different pieces of data is the type of thing that creates legends in business. Linkurious makes it much easier. Using the data that you provide, Linkurious creates graphs that are not the same old bar chart. For example, it can overlay data on a map to show the geographical connections between pieces of information. If you deal with data, this program can make it much easier to see trends and react quickly. (Twitter)

LeadMinute – Most tracking software uses invasive cookies toaudience-labs figure who has visited your website. LeadMinute has created a non-invasive way to track your customers and be able to invite them back. In most of the online world, there is a cookie warning that can make customers leave the website. LeadMinute avoids this problem with a simple data-driven tool. (Twitter)

Octopush – There are a lot of services that will help you withoctopush-logo email marketing and others that will help you with SMS marketing. Octopush does both, at good rates and with a completely secure interface. The service makes mobile marketing simple, with an intuitive interface and lots of efficient features. This can be especially important for those businesses that want the ability to reach out to clients and customers on-the-fly. (Google+)

Infinity Space – If you have a small or medium-sized enterprise thatinfinity-space-logo operates in emerging markets, Infinity Space can give you the ability to do business with people that don’t have bank accounts or credit cards. Not only do they handle the payment, but they also have a system of delivery that will get products on time and quickly to those who might not have a stable physical address. Everything is transacted via mobile phone platforms, creating a completely new economy right in the hands of users. (TwitterFacebook)

Sellsy – Sellsy is a complete CRM, accounting, invoicing, and e-commerce system.sellsy-logo With built-in time tracking, expense control, and project management, this is a one-stop business management platform. Being a single source and location for everthing is the service’s strongest attribute. Instead of needing 5 or 10 different programs to manage a business, Sellsy integrates everything. They even offer a free, no credit card required two week trial so that you can see if it fits your needs. (TwitterFacebook)

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