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7 Hot Portuguese Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

September 30, 2015

Portugal Tech

Portuguese Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

Portugal sits on the Western edge of Europe and right at the heart of tech development.

The country’s developers have found some innovative ways to leverage information and maximise sales online and in the real world. Entrepreneurs in Portugal are able to help businesses of all sizes and shapes improve their data streams, take payments better, as well as reduce loss and costs.

Skilleo – When you are hiring a programmer, the biggest question is, “Can they do the work?” Every coder will tell you yes, but Skilleo makes it easy to prove it. Skilleo gives you code challenges that you can give programmers to prove their skills. PHP, Java, Python, C#, and more can all be tested through this one platform. No more hoping that the programmer you hired in another country is good enough. Now you can test them, exactly as you would any employee.

GetSocial – GetSocial is one of the most powerful tools that a website can use. Their buttons allow visitors to connect quickly and easily with the social media profiles of the business. Social media is the number one way to gather new customers and build a huge platform of fans for your brand. GetSocial provides buttons and sharing bars that are neat. Subscribers on your social media profiles are a great way to build your clientele quickly.

Wazza – Wazza fills a need that many successful developers and payment providers need: analytics for in-app sales. When someone purchases an app or something inside of an app, it can often show simply as a purchase in the developers’ account. Wazza shows analytics of what was purchased, when it was purchased, and what platform the buyer was on. This can allow users to adapt their designs and offers to their successes.

GetSimi – This restaurant marketing software is perfect for increasing sales and getting customers to fall in love with your brand. GetSimi provides customers with a visual menu of your foods that they can use on a mobile device right in your restaurant. They can then place orders and even communicate through the app. This is the restaurant menu of the future. GetSimi even provides suggestions and upsells directly to the customers.

TOP Docs – In this international world of business, there are times when even your documents and cloud platforms need translation. TOP Docs does that seamlessly. If your team is working on different cloud platforms or separate software programs, translating and moving documents from one to the other can be a challenge in and of itself. TOP Docs simply translates everything in real time, so you can stay on task and get things done.

Brandmymail – Brand My Mail is a hybrid of the usual email system and emailing services like MailChimp and Constant Contact. Users are able to build a template for their emails that makes each email look like a newsletter or marketing email, including logo, sidebars, and social media sharing buttons. Brand My Mail allows users to send the slickest and most interesting emails on the web.

Whalelabs – Managing multiple conversations with customers can be difficult when using dozens of platforms and time zones. Whale Lab’s Sonar system is created to make those conversations easier and more effective. By being able to engage with your customers more effectively, you can learn more about what they want and need. Adaptability is the most important feature of Sonar and it is the most effective way to increase sales in your organization. It also integrates with your CRM to ensure that data is not lost.

To further cement Portugal’s position as an emerging hub of tech excellence, it was recently announced that the Web Summit will be relocating to Lisbon from 2016. Best of luck, and thanks for the memories – we hosted our very own Web Summit party last year, and will do so again in November!

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