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Global Home: 38 Expatriate Groups on LinkedIn

January 25, 2016 expats / students


Here are 38 of the Best Expat LinkedIn Groups for Networking

When you work and live abroad, finding a like-minded group of foreigners can be a lifesaver.

With experienced expatriates to turn to, you can network more easily with other professionals in your industry or ask for recommendations when looking for local real estate agents, schools, family doctors or neighborhoods.

Connecting with other expats can also jump start your social life in a foreign city. Having a group to hang out isn’t just a boredom or loneliness buster, but also serves as a great introduction to the best socialising spots in your area.

Expats on LinkedIn: The Global Home of Expatriate Jobs

We took a look at LinkedIn and found 38 expat groups worth looking into. A large number are part of the Just Landed expatriate network, with a few of those targeted at people who do expatriate-related business. There’s also a selection of other expat groups that are independent of Just Landed, with some based on nationality and others on profession.


Expats Groups (Just Landed Network)

Expats in Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands, and its largest city, Amsterdam is home to canals, bicycle paths and lots of expatriates. More than 550 members of the Expats in Amsterdam group are ready to network, share experiences and advice, and get together with fellow foreigners.

Expats in Austria

Covering the entire country, Expats in Austria is a group with nearly 1,200 members. This may prove to be a solid resource for those being transferred to Austria as well as for expatriates already working and living in the German-speaking country.

Expats in Barcelona

The seaside city of balmy Barcelona, capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, is home to a large number of expatriates. You’ll meet many of them in the Expats in Barcelona group, with its 880 members, where you can get local information, advice from other foreigners and do some networking.

Expats in Basel

For Expats in Basel, the third-largest city in Switzerland with neighborhoods that extend into both Germany and France, this small group can provide pointers on career-related matters as well as the expatriate social life.

Expats in Belgium

This large Expats in Belgium group has nearly 1,300 members. Take advantage of the international culture and wide-ranging networking and social opportunities when you join.

Expats in Berlin

Nearly 1,000 people are members of Expats in Berlin. Join this expatriate group if you’re a foreigner living in Germany’s capital city, whether for social or professional networking.

Expats in Bern

If you’re a foreigner residing in Switzerland’s capital city, the 159-member Expats in Bern group is one to join. You’ll get everything from job offers to updates on what’s up in the local expatriate community.

Expats in Brussels

The 245 members of the Expats in Brussels group connect and network with other foreigners living there. The city is the capital of the EU and home to NATO, and this expats group serves as a place to exchange career ideas as well as to share experiences about expat life.

Expats in Dubai

This city in the United Arab Emirates is a popular working destination for expatriates who command large salaries. By joining Expats in Dubai, you can network with 350 other foreigners from around the world for general information, job information, career-related networking and social meet-ups.

Expats in France

With a membership of 1,800, Expats in France is a good-sized group that allows for career-related networking, including job-search information, as well as community-minded exchanges and information.

Expats in Frankfurt

Share your experiences about living as an expatriate in Frankfurt with the other 565 members of Expats in Frankfurt. In addition to online networking, you can attend events to meet up in person.

Expats in Geneva

Life in this Swiss city, known as a global hub for diplomacy and banking, can be shared with the 736 members of the Expats in Geneva group. It’s a place to get answers and make contacts with others from abroad.

Expats in Innsbruck

The Alpine city of Innsbruck, Austria, which is the provincial capital of Tyrol, is the perfect place to work in the hospitality industry. If you’re a foreigner there, you can meet a small group of others when you join the Expats in Innsbruck group.

Expats in Lausanne

Located on Lake Geneva, in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Lausanne is a city well-stocked with foreigners. The expatriate group Expats in Lausanne currently has 379 members. Joining connects with you with other foreigners working and living in the city, an hour’s drive from Geneva.

Expats in London

The membership in the Expats in London group is almost 350, enough people to help you with a job search or industry networking or just some local information regarding day-to-day life in England’s capital city.

Expats in Munich

Home to Oktoberfest and the Hofbräuhaus beer hall, Munich has long been a popular draw for tourists as well as foreign residents. The Expats in Munich group has close to 1,000 members from all over the world, available for advice, shared experiences, meet-ups and job-related networking.

Expats in the Netherlands

Continually ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world, the Netherlands Expat group has 3,500 happy members. There are events scheduled where you can network in person, while online you can get the gossip on the Dutch expatriate community.

Expats in Paris

With almost 600 members, Expats in Paris is an international community where you can connect with other expatriates, sharing life experiences and networking for career-related purposes.

Expats in Salzburg

This small expat group, with fewer than 100 members, is for those expatriates who are working and living in the city best known as the birthplace of Mozart, and its old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Expats in Spain

Join nearly 2,500 other expatriates in the Expats in Spain group. Find out what’s happening in the Spanish expat community and connect with others from abroad.

Expats in Switzerland

With well over 5,000 members, Expats in Switzerland is a great place to connect with other expatriates, whether to attend events or explore new job offers.

Expats in the UK

At nearly 600 members, you can network at will when you join Expats in the UK. Whether it’s career related or pertains to life outside of work in the UK, other expatriates can help.

Expats in Wien

Wien is the German-language name for Vienna, the capital of Austria. The 394-member group Expats in Wien is for those temporary residents of Vienna who have relocated from any part of the globe and wish to network, exchange information and attend events with other expatriates.


Expat-Related Business Groups (Just Landed Network)

Expat Health

For healthcare and insurance professionals, Expat Health has 900 members who discuss news in their industry. It’s a group to learn about global best practices and find new business opportunities.

Expat Marketing

This 493-member group is for those providing services or products to expatriates. With links to case studies and covering expatriate news and worldwide marketing trends, Expat Marketing is a resource for anyone in the global expat marketing industry.

Expat Recruiter

This small group is specifically for international recruiters and companies looking for candidates from abroad. Expat Recruiter discussions can include anything from expatriate employment trends to the latest developments in international recruitment.


Other Expatriate Groups

Americans Living in The Netherlands

Started by Samantha Post Uiterweer, a global HR consultant, Americans Living in The Netherlands is an open forum with 118 members. Anything pertaining to Americans living abroad is encouraged, from asking questions to planning get-togethers.

Americans Abroad

Created for Americans working or living outside the US, Americans Abroad is a professional networking group which currently boasts 324 members. It was started by architect Ali Heshmati, who is also the owner of LEAD, with studios in the US and Norway.

Americans in Norway

Co-founded by Anthony Avalos, who works with Microsoft in Norway, and Catherine Aasen, who is the public relations chair for the American Coordinating Council of Norway, Americans in Norway is a small group with a specific purpose: “to share professional ideas, discussions and job postings that are particularly relevant to Americans living in Norway.”

American Expats in Italy

Raffaella Metallo, who started the American Expats in Italy group, is an Italian teacher located in Rome, whose students are foreigners. The group of nearly 100 Americans meets online to share advice and tips about living there.

Americans in Europe

Created for Americans living and working in Europe and who wish to maintain contact with their fellow Americans via Linkedin, Americans in Europe has just over 200 members. The group’s founder is John Walker, who has lived all over Europe, with administrators Louis Petrella (currently in Belgium) and James O’Hanlon (in Germany).

North American Expats

Executive search consultant Michelle Partipilo started the networking group North American Expats. She defines the group as one for “individuals who are citizens of either Canada and/or the U.S. working across the North American border.”

British Expatriate Networking Group

The British Expatriate Networking Group is for British expats residing anywhere in the world for purposes related to work. Created by Adam Apps, currently with Cisco in New York, who administers the group with Bex Saunders, a social media consultant at BritChick in Halifax, Canada, its 5,700 members are welcome to share ideas, reconnect and network.

Expatriate Network

If you’re an expatriate, or you work with expats, you’re welcome to join the Expatriate Network. The group’s owner, Clinton Jones, a director of product management at Winshuttle, formed it as a place to connect, and its 1,769 members do just that.

Expats in Berlin

With a tagline “the Expatriate Lounge for the German capital,” this Expats in Berlin group has a welcoming feel to it. Created by Thomas Lepel, a Berlin-based banker, the group has 1,825 members to date, and all expatriates (as well as non-expats and repatriates) are invited to join.

French Expatriate USA

Started by Emmanuel Francois, program manager at PPG Aerospace Transparencies in Alabama, French Expatriate USA is for anyone moving from France to the USA. There are nearly 1,300 members in the group, which makes connecting and networking with French expats easier, no matter where in the States you’ve landed.

Mexican Professionals

The largest expatriate group on our list, with more than 26,500 members, Mexican Professionals is for those expats living and working in Mexico. The bilingual Spanish and English group also includes people who are working with Mexican professionals, and was founded by entrepreneurs Gustavo Escobar Henríquez and Gerardo Alejandro Canavati Jacaman.

Expatriate Writers and Journalists

Writing is a lonely job, and when you’re an expat writer, a group like Expatriate Writers and Journalists can be a lifesaver. Freelance photographer, writer, photojournalist and documentary photographer Jerry Nelson formed the group to provide “community and connection” for expats journalists and writers.

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