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CurrencyFair at the 2016 Career Zoo [Video]

February 24, 2016 business / startups / students

career zoo

Career Zoo is where the world’s most innovative employers meet Ireland’s smartest talent.

Saturday February 20th saw the Career Zoo take place at the Convention Centre, Dublin. As we’re always on the lookout for talent, naturally we went along and set up a stall, which proved hugely successful – and here’s the proof:

It's gotten very busy in TechTown at the @CurrencyFair stand @CareerZootweets #CareerZoo

— CurrencyFair (@CurrencyFair) February 20, 2016

More proof – it really was a lot of fun.


To further entice the most talented to join the CurrencyFair revolution, we created a short video for the day, highlighting the benefits of working at such a cool place. Of course free food/beer and a pool table feature highly, but there are plenty of other reasons to join the world’s first peer-to-peer currency exchange marketplace. Check out our current openings for more.

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