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2015 Rugby World Cup Games – Kick Off Times For Expats (updated)

October 27, 2015

We received a lot of positive feedback on our previous Six Nations and FIFA World Cup articles, where we listed the respective kick off times for those living down under. So, we’re doing the same for the upcoming 2015 Rugby World Cup – and we’ll include Canadian/US time too for our friends across the Atlantic.

2015 Rugby World Cup Kick Off Times

The dates listed above each groups of matches is based on UK time – you know how time works, surely, so let’s not spend too much time on that aspect as we’ll get lost easily.

NOTE: We’ll be using current UK/Ireland British Summer Time (BST), Perth & Sydney for Australia, New Zealand (NZST) and US/Canada East Coast time.

The Final

Saturday October 31st

New Zealand v Australia

Sydney (+11hrs) Sunday Nov 1st – 3.00am
Perth (+8hrs) Sunday Nov 1st – 12.00am
NZ (+13hrs) Sunday Nov 1st – 5.00am
US/Canada (-4hrs) Saturday 31st – 12.00pm
GMT Saturday 31st – 4.00pm

And so it’s time for the final. It doesn’t happen every time, but the RWC final 2015 will be contested between the world’s top two teams. They are well-acquainted with each other, playing multiple times each year and in 2015 they have already played twice, with the score tied at 1 win each.

Both teams came through their respective semi-finals fairly comfortably. New Zealand were behind at half-time against South Africa, but never really looked like losing once they had got in front in the second half, despite the close result. Australia’s match against Argentina started with the Pumas gifting them two very easy tries. Argentina then rallied and showed some fantastic passages of play, but the large deficit was too much to come back from.

This final is what the Rugby World Cup is all about and it should be a fierce contest. Although the teams play each other regularly, there is a lot more at stake this weekend, so the intensity of the match will be through the roof. We can’t wait for it to begin.

3rd/4th Place “Bronze Final

Friday October 30th

South Africa v Argentina

Sydney (+11hrs) Saturday 31st – 7.00am
Perth (+8hrs) Saturday 31st – 4.00am
NZ (+13hrs) Saturday 31st – 9.00am
US/Canada (-4hrs) Friday 30th – 4.00pm
GMT Friday 30th – 8.00pm


Saturday October 24th

South Africa v New Zealand

Sydney (+10hrs) Sunday 25th – 2.00am
Perth (+7hrs) Saturday 24th – 11.00pm
NZ (+12hrs) Sunday 18th – 4.00am
US/Canada (-5hrs) Saturday 24th – 11.00am
BST Saturday 24th – 4.00pm

NOTE: Daylight Savings Time ends in the UK/Ireland at 2am on Sunday morning (clocks go back to 1am).

Sunday October 25th

Argentina v Australia

Sydney (+11hrs) Monday 25th – 3.00am
Perth (+8hrs) Monday 26th – 12.00am
NZ (+13hrs) Monday 26th – 5.00am
US/Canada (-4hrs) Sunday 25th – 12.00pm
GMT Sunday 25th – 4.00pm

Update – Quarter Final Matches

Saturday October 17th

South Africa v Wales

Sydney (+10hrs) Sunday 18th – 2.00am
Perth (+7hrs) Saturday 17th – 11.00pm
NZ (+12hrs) Sunday 18th – 4.00am
US/Canada (-5hrs) Saturday 17th – 11.00am
BST Saturday 17th – 4.00pm

Having seen off England at Twickenham and managed to emerge from the Group Of Death, Wales will fancy their chances against anyone. However, the injury list is really mounting up for them now, and with Liam Williams the latest casualty, they really are struggling to field a full team of players. This week they called up Eli Walker, who already has an injury, and will only be able to play if Wales make the semis. South Africa on the other hand had a slow start, losing to Japan in their first match, but went on to finish comfortably top of Pool B, and should be a lot fresher for this match than Wales.

This should be a thrilling encounter, which could go either way. Will Wales’ squad hold up or will the Springbok power be too much for them?

Saturday October 17th

New Zealand v France

Sydney (+10hrs) Sunday 18th – 6.00am
Perth (+7hrs) Sunday 18th – 3.00am
NZ (+12hrs) Sunday 18th – 8.00am
US/Canada (-5hrs) Saturday 17th – 3.00pm
BST Saturday 17th – 8.00pm

Both teams had little trouble in qualifying from their respective pools, but New Zealand were far more impressive in the manner they qualified, never really looking like losing any of their pool matches. They also saw off a highly fancied Argentina side, whereas France lost a brutal encounter against Ireland in their last match.

These two sides have met many times down the years at the Rugby World Cup, and France have one of the best records against New Zealand, always bringing the fear factor for the All Blacks. We’re sure that they’ll be looking to avenge their final defeat at the last tournament, but it’s hard to bet against the World Champions, so we’re backing New Zealand to get the win!

Some breaking news on the French team – reports from France suggest the players have ousted their coach, Philippe Saint-Andre, and are training themselves in the build up to Saturday’s clash.

Reports in France that Phillipe Saint Andre has been ousted and the players are coaching themselves this week. Play All Blacks Saturday!

— Bernard Jackman (@bernardjackman) October 15, 2015

Sunday October 18th

Ireland v Argentina

Sydney (+10hrs) Sunday 18th – 11.00pm
Perth (+7hrs) Sunday 18th – 8.00pm
NZ (+12hrs) Monday 19th – 1.00am
US/Canada (-5hrs) Sunday 18th – 8.00am
BST Sunday 18th – 1.00pm

Much like New Zealand and France, coming from the same pools as those two, qualification for the quarter-finals was never really in doubt for Ireland or Argentina, and both looked assured against the lesser teams. Argentina have added backline flair and exuberance to their always rock-steady forward pack. Ireland have gradually gone through the gears, improving with every match, culminating in a magnificent performance last weekend giving them the victory over France. But victory came at a cost, with Paul O’Connell and Peter O’Mahoney’s World Cups ending prematurely due to injuries sustained, Sean O’Brien facing suspension and Jonny Sexton an injury doubt.

However, this is the strongest Ireland squad in history, so they are definitely capable of dealing with these blows.

Sunday October 18th

Australia v Scotland

Sydney (+10hrs) Monday 19th – 2.00am
Perth (+7hrs) Sunday 18th – 11.00pm
NZ (+12hrs) Monday 19th – 4.00am
US/Canada (-5hrs) Sunday 18th – 11.00am
BST Sunday 18th – 4.00pm

Group Stage

Friday September 18th

England v Fiji

Sydney (+9hrs) Saturday 19th – 5.00am
Perth (+7hrs) Saturday 19th – 3.00am
NZ (+11hrs) Saturday 19th – 7.00am
US/Canada (-5hrs) Friday 18th – 3.00pm
BST Friday 18th – 8.00pm

The 2015 Rugby World cup opens with England v Fiji in Twickenham. 8pm on a Friday is a great time for anyone in Europe, or even the US/Canada, but those living in Australia and New Zealand will have to stay awake quite a bit later to see the opening clash.

Best Rugby World Cup Tries - England

Saturday Sep 19th

Tonga v Georgia

Sydney Saturday 19th – 9.00pm
Perth Saturday 19th – 7.00pm
NZ Saturday 19th – 11.00pm
US/Canada Saturday 19th – 7.00am
BST Saturday 19th – 12.00pm

Ireland v Canada

Sydney Saturday 19th – 11.30pm
Perth Saturday 19th – 9.30pm
NZ Sunday 20th – 1.30am
US/Canada Saturday 19th – 9.30am
BST Saturday 19th – 2.30pm

South Africa v Japan

Sydney Sunday 20th – 1.45am
Perth Saturday 19th – 11.45pm
NZ Sunday 20th – 3.45am
US/Canada Saturday 19th – 11.45am
BST Saturday 19th – 4.45pm

France v Italy

Sydney Sunday 20th – 5.00am
Perth Sunday 20th – 3.00am
NZ Sunday 20th – 7.00am
US/Canada Saturday 19th – 3.00pm
BST Saturday 19th – 8.00pm

The Irish down under will be happy with the not-too-late kick off for their opener against Canada, where nothing but a win will be expected. The highlight of the day’s games should be France v Italy, the two European sides having had some epic encounters over the last few years. The 2013 Six Nations springs to mind, when Italy beat the French 23-18, having also won the clash two years previous. France will be heavy favourites given their most recent result, but with some luck Italy can make it difficult for Les Bleus.

Below are the highlights from this year’s Six Nations meeting, with France comfortably winning, 0-29. And don’t forget, if you need to send money to France, our rates can’t be beaten!

Sunday Sep 20th

Samoa v USA

Sydney Sunday 20th – 9.00pm
Perth Sunday 20th – 7.00pm
NZ Sunday 20th – 11.00pm
US/Canada Sunday 20th – 7.00am
BST Sunday 20th – 12.00pm

Wales v Uruguay

Sydney Sunday 20th – 11.30pm
Perth Sunday 20th – 9.30pm
NZ Monday 21st – 1.30am
US/Canada Sunday 20th – 9.30am
BST Sunday 20th – 2.30pm


New Zealand v Argentina

Sydney Monday 21st – 1.45am
Perth Sunday 20th – 11.45pm
NZ Monday 21st – 3.45am
US/Canada Sunday 20th – 11.45am
BST Sunday 20th – 4.45pm

Wales open their tournament against Uruguay, a team they’ve never met before. Uruguay have qualified for two previous World Cups, in 1999 and 2003, but never progressed beyond the group stage. Wales should have no trouble there.

Perpetual favourites New Zealand face a tricky opener against fellow Rugby Championship (formerly Tri Nations) side Argentina. We say tricky, but really, the All Blacks should win this.

Wednesday Sep 23rd

Scotland v Japan

Sydney Wednesday 23rd – 11.30pm
Perth Wednesday 23rd – 9.30pm
NZ Thursday 24th – 1.30am
US/Canada Wednesday 23rd – 9.30am
BST Wednesday 23rd – 2.30pm

Australia v Fiji

Sydney Thursday 24th – 1.45am
Perth Wednesday 23rd – 11.45pm
NZ Thursday 24th – 3.45am
US/Canada Wednesday 23rd – 11.45am
BST Wednesday 23rd – 4.45pm

France v Romania

Sydney Thursday 24th – 5.00am
Perth Thursday 24th – 3.00am
NZ Thursday 24th – 7.00am
US/Canada Wednesday 23rd – 3.00pm
BST Wednesday 23rd – 8.00pm

Scotland open their campaign against Japan, and Australia meet Fiji. That’s followed by France v Romania, so unless you’re Australian, Scottish, French, Japanese, Fijian, Romanian or an insomniac, you can probably skip this round and catch up on some sleep.

Thursday Sep 24th

New Zealand v Namibia

Sydney Friday 25th – 5.00am
Perth Friday 25th – 3.00am
NZ Friday 25th – 7.00am
US/Canada Thursday 24th – 3.00pm
BST Thursday 24th – 8.00pm

Friday Sep 25th

Argentina v Georgia

Sydney Saturday 26th – 5.00am
Perth Saturday 26th – 3.00am
NZ Saturday 26th – 7.00am
US/Canada Friday 25th – 3.00pm
BST Friday 25th – 8.00pm

Saturday Sep 26th

Italy v Canada

Sydney Saturday 26th – 11.30pm
Perth Saturday 26th – 9.30pm
NZ Sunday 27th – 1.30am
US/Canada Saturday 26th – 9.30am
BST Saturday 26th – 2.30pm

NOTE: New Zealand sees the introduction of Daylight Savings Time (+1).

South Africa v Samoa

Sydney Sunday 27th – 1.45am
Perth Sunday 27th – 11.45pm
NZ Sunday 27th – 4.45am
US/Canada Saturday 26th – 11.45am
BST Saturday 26th – 4.45pm

England v Wales

Sydney Sunday 27th – 5.00am
Perth Sunday 27th – 3.00am
NZ Sunday 27th – 8.00am
US/Canada Saturday 26th – 3.00pm
BST Saturday 26th – 8.00pm

England v Wales is a fixture that has hugely entertained over the last few years. Wales will be out for revenge following their 16-21 home defeat to their neighbours earlier this year (highlights below), but the English have one eye on a final appearance and won’t want to slip up here.

Don’t miss it.

Sunday Sep 27th

Australia v Uruguay

Sydney Sunday 27th – 9.00pm
Perth Sunday 27th – 7.00pm
NZ Monday 28th – 12.00am
US/Canada Sunday 27th – 7.00am
BST Sunday 27th – 12.00pm

Scotland v USA

Sydney Sunday 27th – 11.30pm
Perth Sunday 27th – 9.30pm
NZ Monday 28th – 2.30am
US/Canada Sunday 27th – 9.30am
BST Sunday 27th – 2.30pm

Ireland v Romania

Sydney Monday 28th – 1.45am
Perth Sunday 27th – 11.45pm
NZ Monday 28th – 4.45am
US/Canada Sunday 27th – 11.45am
BST Sunday 27th – 4.45pm

In a rare instance of understanding and empathy, Australia’s second game kicks off at 9pm Sydney time. Scotland face the USA in a game which could dictate who finishes second in the group behind South Africa (it should be Scotland), and Ireland face Romania in their second group game, hopefully setting them up for a victory against Italy next round to ensure progress.

If you’re in Australia, or anywhere else for that matter, and need to send money home to Ireland, CurrencyFair have you covered.

Best Rugby World Cup Tries - Ireland

Tuesday Sep 29th

Tonga v Namibia

Sydney Wednesday 30th – 1.45am
Perth Tuesday 29th – 11.45pm
NZ Wednesday 30th – 4.45am
US/Canada Tuesday 29th – 11.45am
BST Tuesday 29th – 4.45pm

Thursday October 1st

Wales v Fiji

Sydney Friday 2nd – 1.45am
Perth Thursday 1st – 11.45pm
NZ Friday 2nd – 4.45am
US/Canada Thursday 1st – 11.45am
BST Thursday 1st – 4.45pm

France v Canada

Sydney Friday 2nd – 5.00am
Perth Friday 2nd – 3.00am
NZ Friday 2nd – 8.00am
US/Canada Thursday 1st – 3.00pm
BST Thursday 1st – 8.00pm

France's Best Rugby World Cup Tries

Friday Oct 2nd

New Zealand v Georgia

Sydney Saturday 3rd – 5.00am
Perth Saturday 3rd – 3.00am
NZ Saturday 3rd – 8.00am
US/Canada Friday 2nd – 3.00pm
BST Friday 2nd – 8.00pm

Saturday Oct 3rd

Samoa v Japan

Sydney Saturday 3rd – 11.30pm
Perth Saturday 3rd – 9.30pm
NZ Sunday 4th – 2.30am
US/Canada Saturday 3rd – 9.30am
BST Saturday 3rd – 2.30pm

South Africa v Scotland

Sydney Sunday 4th – 1.45am
Perth Saturday 3rd – 11.45pm
NZ Sunday 4th – 4.45am
US/Canada Saturday 3rd – 11.45am
BST Saturday 3rd – 4.45pm

NOTE: Quite inconveniently, Daylights Savings Time starts in Australia at 2am on Sunday 4th October, making these kick off times even more confusing!

England v Australia

Sydney Sunday 4th – 6.00am
Perth Sunday 4th – 4.00am
NZ Sunday 4th – 8.00am
US/Canada Saturday 3rd – 3.00pm
BST Saturday 3rd – 8.00pm

Saturday’s main attraction (well, Sunday for some) is England v Australia. Below are some highlights from recent clashes, but this one needs no introduction.

Sending money between the UK and Australia is also one of our main attractions here at CurrencyFair – and we’ve yet to be beaten.

Sunday Oct 4th

Argentina v Tonga

Sydney Monday 5th – 12.30am
Perth Sunday 4th – 10.30pm
NZ Monday 5th – 2.30am
US/Canada Sunday 4th – 9.30am
BST Sunday 4th – 2.30pm

Ireland v Italy

Sydney Monday 5th – 2.45am
Perth Monday 5th – 12.45am
NZ Monday 5th – 4.45am
US/Canada Sunday 4th – 11.45am
BST Sunday 4th – 4.45pm

Ireland could all but secure progress into the next stage with a win against Italy, who have caused them a few problems over the last few years despite this year’s Six Nations clash ending 26-3 to Ireland. The last time Italy beat Ireland was in 2013, the same year France suffered a similar fate in Rome.

Tuesday Oct 6th

Canada v Romania

Sydney Wednesday 7th – 2.45am
Perth Wednesday 7th – 12.45am
NZ Wednesday 7th – 4.45am
US/Canada Tuesday 6th – 11.45am
BST Tuesday 6th – 4.45pm

Fiji v Uruguay

Sydney Wednesday 7th – 6.00am
Perth Wednesday 7th – 4.00am
NZ Wednesday 7th – 8.00am
US/Canada Tuesday 6th – 3.00pm
BST Tuesday 6th – 8.00pm

Wednesday Oct 7th

South Africa v USA

Sydney Thursday 8th – 2.45am
Perth Thursday 8th – 12.45am
NZ Thursday 8th – 4.45am
US/Canada Wednesday 7th – 11.45am
BST Wednesday 7th – 4.45pm

Namibia v Georgia

Sydney Thursday 8th – 6.00am
Perth Thursday 8th – 4.00am
NZ Thursday 8th – 8.00am
US/Canada Wednesday 7th – 3.00pm
BST Wednesday 7th – 8.00pm

Friday Oct 9th

New Zealand v Tonga

Sydney Saturday 10th – 6.00am
Perth Saturday 10th – 4.00am
NZ Saturday 10th – 8.00am
US/Canada Friday 9th – 3.00pm
BST Friday 9th – 8.00pm


Saturday Oct 10th

Samoa v Scotland

Sydney Sunday 11th – 12.30am
Perth Saturday 10th – 9.30pm
NZ Sunday 11th – 2.30am
US/Canada Saturday 10th – 9.30am
BST Saturday 10th – 2.30pm

Australia v Wales

Sydney Sunday 11th – 2.45am
Perth Sunday 11th – 12.45am
NZ Sunday 11th – 4.45am
US/Canada Saturday 10th – 11.45am
BST Saturday 10th – 4.45pm

Best Rugby World Cup Tries - Australia

England v Uruguay

Sydney Sunday 11th – 6.00am
Perth Sunday 11th – 4.00am
NZ Sunday 11th – 8.00am
US/Canada Saturday 10th – 3.00pm
BST Saturday 10th – 8.00pm

Wales and England wrap up their group stage on Saturday 10th, but it’ll be the English who fancy their chances more. Wales face an Australia side who they’ve not beaten since a three point victory in 2008.

Sunday Oct 11th

Argentina v Namibia

Sydney Sunday 11th – 10.00pm
Perth Sunday 11th – 8.00pm
NZ Monday 12th – 12.00am
US/Canada Sunday 11th – 7.00am
BST Sunday 11th – 12.00pm

Italy v Romania

Sydney Monday 12th – 12.30am
Perth Sunday 11th – 9.30pm
NZ Monday 12th – 2.30am
US/Canada Sunday 11th – 9.30am
BST Sunday 11th – 2.30pm

France v Ireland

Sydney Monday 12th – 2.45am
Perth Monday 12th – 12.45am
NZ Monday 12th – 4.45am
US/Canada Sunday 11th – 11.45am
BST Sunday 11th – 4.45pm

Another possible group decider sees Ireland play France in the penultimate group stage game. Recent history suggests this will be a titanic clash, but France haven’t beaten Ireland since a 2011 Rugby World Cup warm up game. Since then, their Six Nations record reads Ireland 2, Drawn 2, France 0. France impressed in their second warm up game against England, but the Irish have to fancy their chances to top the group here.

Stay up late if you have to.

USA v Japan

Sydney Monday 12th – 6.00am
Perth Monday 12th – 4.00am
NZ Monday 12th – 8.00am
US/Canada Sunday 11th – 3.00pm
BST Sunday 11th – 8.00pm

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