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2 Years and €125 Million Later….

May 7, 2012

Well, that time has come around again, and we’re currently celebrating our second birthday here at CurrencyFair! It seems an appropriate time to have a quick word about how we’ve done so far.

CurrencyFair’s Second Birthday

Since launching in May 2010 we have seen the equivalent of over €125 million exchanged and transferred via the site, saving our customers around €4 million in the process (compared to typical bank exchange rates and transfer fees)! These days we are seeing averages of around €600,000 exchanged daily, and we’re growing at over 10% every month. This is great news for our customers, since growth means more people exchanging on the site, which in turn means better and better exchange rates and even bigger savings.

Why are we growing so fast? We recently surveyed a few hundred of our customers, and received some really great feedback that has us convinced we’re on the right track. 86% of people said they would be ‘Very Disappointed’ if CurrencyFair was no longer available, and an amazing 89% of people had already told someone else about us! In other words, once people start using us, they don’t want to go anywhere else. They’re also happy to recommend us, whether that’s in person or via online forums, Facebook or twitter. You really can’t help but grow when people are that happy with what you’re doing!

While we’re thrilled to hear such positive comments, we’re certainly not getting complacent. We are planning a host of further improvements to the product, new currencies, and mobile applications over the coming year. As always, if you have any suggestions, please let us know via email, twitter, or on our Facebook page. We’ve implemented a number of customer suggestions so far and there are more in the pipeline.

Finally, please continue to help spread the word! We’ll be building more sharing functionality into the website to help you do just that. When you get a great rate, please tweet it, or post it to Facebook, email it, or put it up on a forum. We really do appreciate it!

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