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19 Hot Irish Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

July 29, 2015

hOT Irish Technology cOMPANIES

Hot Irish Tech Companies That Can Help Your Business

Ireland has moved quickly to the foreground of industry and innovation. Despite suffering from a “Lost Decade” due to the recession, Ireland has become a European hub for innovation and technology.

Many of the global tech players have their European headquarters in Ireland: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and others.

Here are some of the new wave of tech companies that can help your business . . .

You may also want to follow Startup Ireland and Dublin’s Commissioner for Startups for the latest news on the Irish tech scene.

Let’s now look at the 19 hot Irish tech companies helping businesses.

Linked Finance – Linked Finance offers trustworthy small businesseslinked-finance-logo a new viable alternative to borrowing from the banks. Real people like you can lend small amounts to promising businesses at very attractive interest rates. The banks get bypassed, the wheels keep turning, and everyone wins. (TwitterFacebook)

properOrder – Time-strapped managers of hotels and restaurants (and wholesalers) will love this super simple online system which lets you avoid having to place multiple orders with various different vendors. ProperOrder allowsproperorder-logo businesses to order all their wine, beer and other drinks from existing suppliers in one stress-free transaction by browsing through multiple supplier lists in one handy location. Wholesalers and wine reps will love the system because it makes it easier for the customer to order and it lets the wholesaler skip the time-consuming order-taking process. properOrder are currently taking Dublin by storm and will soon be expanding their coverage. (Twitter)

Pointy – For anyone in retail, this could be a winner for yourpointy-logo business. The Pointy box plugs in to your barcode scanner and automatically creates a page with all your shop’s products. The box does all the work – there’s no need to manually enter product names and images. Pointy helps you get found on Google and helps shoppers find products for sale in their local area – in your shop. (TwitterFacebook)

Teamwork – A manager’s dream: your team knows exactly what they haveteamwork-logo to do, when it must be done and who needs to do it. They know exactly where to look to find and store everything they need without having to bug you – that’s Teamwork’s promise. (TwitterFacebook)

CurrencyFair – Well of course! CurrencyFair is a fast, easy, and low cost way to send money internationally.

PageFair – Adblocking can cost you money. The sites that publish the adspagefair-logo count it as a hit, but the consumer never sees them. PageFair tracks money lost to adblocking and helps businesses to create non-intrusive ads designed specifically for adblockers. The measuring device is free so a business owners can see what they are losing before making any changes to their advertising plans. (Twitter)

HireHive – Lets you get the right candidates for your company. Posthirehive-logo to job boards and social media and manage all of your candidates in one place with seamless workflows making the job easier. (Twitter)

GetBulb – Being able to see data visually can help managers and staffgetbulb-logo make good decisions. GetBulb allows you to create visual data overlays quickly and easily. Information that is referred to as “big data” is all of the information that a person needs about consumers, media, and much more. With GetBulb, big data can become manageable and much more useful. (TwitterFacebook)

NewsWhip – Tracks the sharing of all content on socialnewswhip-logo networks. Their platform instantly identifies trending stories, engaging writers and key influencers in thousands of subject areas and locations. (TwitterFacebook)

Barricade – There are a lot of data security firms in the world, butbarricade-logo Barricade is different and well worth looking into, no matter where in the world you are based. They have developed a data security system that is simple to use, but extremely difficult to break. With an early warning system against hackers and mobile security maintenance capabilities, Barricade is the type of security product every company needs in the 21st century. (Twitter)

OnePageCRM – A simple CRM for small business, OnePage has “converted the complexity ofonepage-crm-logo a CRM into a to-do list”. Anyone who uses existing CRMs knows that it can be insanely difficult to figure out what the next step is to making sales. OnePage keeps everything in a neat and simple order by converting a great deal of data into a simple to-do list. It allows you to clip leads from LinkedIn, add information, and tasks, but everything is presented in a simple list format that everyone can understand. (TwitterFacebook)

Realex – One of Europe’s largest and fastest growing onlinerealex-logo payment gateways, providing a range of payment processing services for businesses selling online and processing payments for over 12,500 retailers throughout Europe. (TwitterFacebook)

Logentries – Allows your tech team to instantly searchlogentries-logo & track your most important log events as they happen. Your team can aggregate, filter & alert on your log streams in real-time and then analyse log streams across your entire stack for reliable IT & Dev Ops. (TwitterFacebook)

Boxfish – A data company that provides the best way for marketersboxfish-logo to identify, reach and target a TV audience on digital. Boxfish identifies, targets and reaches large unseen TV audiences on digital channels, regardless of airing times or medium the content was consumed (e.g. Live TV, OTT and torrents). (TwitterFacebook)

Qstream – Provides actionable insights that help you manageqstream-logo the strengths of your sales team. The simple, fun technology can help you improve sales rep performance and behaviors in just minutes a day. (TwitterFacebook)

Popdeem – Allows you to increase engagement and acquisition bypopdeem-logo rewarding customers for sharing brand moments on social networks. (TwitterFacebook)

Trustev – Trustev ask you: ‘What is fraud costing you?’ The answer istrustdev-logo much higher than you are probably thinking. The average retailer loses 2% to fraud and blocks a further 2% of real customers. Trustev gets this 4% back. (TwitterFacebook)

LearnUpon – Helping businesses around the world, LearnUpon is a user-friendly elearning or Learninglearnupon-logo Management System. Used by training companies and employers alike, the system allows you to upload documents, videos, slide decks and other components to train your staff. All training is logged and automatically reported which is helpful for refreshers and compliance. (Twitter)

Sonru – Makes hiring new employees easier by replacingSonru time consuming first round interviews with simple video interviews. Sonru enables employers to cut first round screening time by up to 80% and to reduce recruiting time by up to 50%. (TwitterLinkedIn)

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