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105 Quick Tips For A Successful Relocation

November 16, 2015 expats / retirees

We love providing our readers with useful resources, so when we found AreaVibes “105 Tips For A Successful Relocation”, we knew we had to share. What caught our attention with this list however, was their unique approach:

A good checklist might keep you organized and reduce anxiety, but we noticed that there was a certain “human element” lacking in these endless lists.

105 Tips For A Successful Relocation

The infographic breaks the issue into six areas:

  • Research
  • Finding a Neighbourhood (although they spell it “neighborhood”)
  • Settling In
  • Meeting People
  • Kids & Pets
  • Community Involvement

Click the below image for the full list. It’s pretty good.


This infographic is brought to you by the team at AreaVibes, a site that helps you find the best places to live. For more relocation advice, check out 105 Tips for a Successful Relocation.

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