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10 infographics for Expats and Frequent Travellers

August 29, 2013

Seeking knowledge or just wasting time with clickable eye candy? The appeal of the infographic is hard to resist.. There’s something about information arranged into lovely little columns and icons and lines that makes it so much easier to understand and learn.
We’ve rounded a few of our favourites for expats and frequent travellers (or anyone thinking of joining their ranks!):


Infographics for Expats

The Expat Explorer Survey
HSBC commissioned the Expat Explorer survey in 2012, and a similar worldwide survey is taking place now if you want to take part.

The results are arranged in an impressive interactive graph, well worth a click, or you can watch them in condensed video form after the click.

Expat Life – not always a smooth ride
Of course there’s always a downside: this infographic explored the main reasons why expats give up on life abroad and return home.

The Ultimate Guide to Worldwide Etiquette
Swissotel’s map is a beautiful and informative interactive webpage, inviting you to select a destination and learn their behavioural quirks..

The Top 10 Most Expensive Cities to Live In
Aussie credit card company Finder listed the top ten most expensive cities worldwide with this chart, including an extensive comparison grid of daily expenses like coffee, newspapers and energy consumption.

Two Expat Journeys to a Tax Refund
Tax refund, you say? Don’t mind if we do. A kind of tax-themed choose your own adventure (if such things can exist…) put out by 1st Contact.

The World as 100 People
Not so much about any specific country, or about expat life, but about the world in general. This infographic is a modern designer’s take on an old piece of information- a profile of people around the planet by artist Jack Hagley.

The Best Places to Live and Work
Expat Info Desk commissioned this infographic about the best places to live and work, 2012 edition, highlighting the best advantages to well-known expat destinations.

This infographic by Kelli Anderson is a visual delight, profiling the history of Air BnB (frequent travelers, have you tried it yet?), the average user, and a few of the most notable places you can stay.

Working Around the World
If you’re moving abroad looking for work, best know what to expect. This infographic displays OECD insights on the working week around the world.

Starbucks and the Fries that Bind Us
No matter where you go in the world, you’ve probably noticed one culinary consistency- McDonald’s and Starbucks have a shop in every location. This infographic maps their world domination.
And that’s all for now!

Have you any to add to our list? Should CurrencyFair produce an infographic of our own? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter, or leave a comment below!

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