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The Irish Expat website Irish Around Oz has been working in partnership with Currencyfair since 2013.

When I first moved to Australia in 2013 I made the common mistake everyone seemed to make when they got there. I sent my money via a bank to bank transfer!

It was only two weeks later that my friend told me about Currencyfair and the next time I sent money over using them I saved over €150 on that single transfer. Not only have they been my number one supporter since I started the Irish Around Oz blog back in 2013 but they have saved many Irish expats like myself thousands(if not tens of thousands!) of Euros on money transfers.

They have always been my first recommendation when it comes to money transfers and even now 5 years later they still are. Keep doing what your doing! ”

Stephen Palmer Irish Around Oz

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We offer competitive CPA rates, talk to your dedicated Affiliate Manager today.

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A Rev Share payment can be discussed, please note Margin on customers is very small, that’s why our customers love us.


Some common questions asked by people getting started.

Read more affiliate FAQs here.

Promo Tools

Here are a few ways to promote CurrencyFair’s offering to your audience.

  1. API

    The CurrencyFair API is now available for you to use as part of the affiliate program (NOTE: You must be an affiliate in order to request this). Please send an email to your dedicated Account Manager today.

  2. Social Media Content

    Struggling for content to share on social media? You can always find interesting content on the CurrencyFair blog. Just take the blog post URL and add your affiliate link to the end. For example, you might want to share this post.

  3. Alert

    You might like to set up a Google Alert for CurrencyFair. You’ll get an email whenever CurrencyFair is mentioned or when we share an update with the world – you’ll have a constant source of fresh content to use.

  4. Video

    If your audience prefers to watch a quick video rather than read text, we have a series of short videos you can use to make affiliate sales. Go to the CurrencyFair YouTube channel and, when watching one of the videos, click on the embed option. From there, you’ll see code you can use to embed the video on your website.

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