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Welcome to CurrencyFair’s Affiliate Partner Program

Thanks for being part of the CurrencyFair affiliate program.

Here are a few ways to promote CurrencyFair’s offering to your audience.

Social Media Content

Struggling for content to share on social media?

You can always find interesting content on the CurrencyFair blog. Just take the blog post URL and add your affiliate link to the end.

For example, you might want to share this post:

Normally, your affiliate link looks like something like this (without the yellow):

To use the blog post, you just need to replace the section in yellow with the blog URL and make sure your affiliate code is at the end so it now looks like this:

(The yellow colour is irrelevant – we’re just using it to explain the point).

Make sense? If not, get in touch.

One more thing . . .

You might like to set up a Google Alert for CurrencyFair.

You’ll get an email whenever CurrencyFair is mentioned or when we share an update with the world – you’ll have a constant source of fresh content to use.


People love infographics as they convey information quickly and easily. Here are some you could post on your site or share out online.

Quick Facts About Living In The UK (click here for infographic).

The History of Currency (click here for infographic).

The Evolution of Peer-To-Peer Currency Exchange (click here for infographic).

Saving Time & Money With Peer-To-Peer Marketplaces (click here for infographic).

Do You Speak Startup (click here for infographic).

Annoying Business Jargon (click here for infographic).

CurrencyFair Videos

If your audience prefers to watch a quick video rather than read text, we have a series of short videos you can use to make affiliate sales.

Go to the CurrencyFair YouTube channel and, when watching one of the videos, click on the embed option. From there, you’ll see code you can use to embed the video on your website.

Display Ads

These are some samples of promotional material used to promote CurrencyFair. You can embed these on your site and earn referral commissions by signing up or logging into the CurrencyFair affiliate program.

Below are static versions of all available ad types and sizes.

You can download the full set here.