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Welcome to CurrencyFair’s Affiliate Partner Program

Be a CurrencyFair Affiliate and Learn How To Create an Affiliate Link

Learn about becoming an Affiliate and your CurrencyFair code

Thanks for being part of the CurrencyFair Affiliate Program. Here we’ll share some of the technical information needed to make your campaigns a success.

  1. API
  2. Images
  3. How To Build Your Affiliate Link


The CurrencyFair API is now available for you to use as part of the affiliate program.

Download the API documentation here.

You will need a ‘secret key’ which is a password to gain access to the API. You can request a secret key from here.


We will be adding more images to use. You can find current banner images within your affiliate partner dashboard.

How To Build Your Affiliate Link

From your affiliate dashboard you will have already generated your own unique referral URL. Using the following information, you will be able to build on your basic referral link by adding offer codes, cross-device and customer lifetime tracking, campaign tracking and more.

Below the different sections of your link have been listed, with the essential elements asterisked, you must include these.

Landing Page*

Choose your landing page: (CurrencyFair home page) (Landing page for business customers)

“” (We can create a personal landing page for you (contact the team via the Contact form inside your affiliate partner dashboard).

Offer Code

We can provide you with an offer code to give people their first transfer for free, but first we require you to sign up for a CurrencyFair customer account (it’s different to an affiliate account). Once you have signed up, please get in contact, and we can create an offer code for you.

Your offer code will take the following form (with the Xs replaced with your unique code):



This is always “affiliates”



This can be either your (company/website’s) name or it can be the same as your affiliate referral code (hashtag) from Post Affiliate Pro.




You can use this to segregate your referrals, so you can see where is converting better. For example you can differentiate between referrals from your website or social media, or you can make each page in your website a separate campaign. This is completely up to you. We will then provide reports based on what campaigns you have chosen.




This is used to differentiate different countries or languages, for example if you have and .ie domains, or if your site is in multiple languages




This is used to differentiate between different creative or even different pages on your site, for example if you are a money comparison site you could create a different UTM_term for each currency pair search




Affiliate Hashtag*

This is your affiliate hashtag from Post Affiliate Pro.


Creating Your Affiliate Link

To create you affiliate link you simply combine all of the above items by starting with the URL, followed by a “?”, and then your offer code and all of the UTM tags you wish to use (you can only use each once per link and you must always include UTM_Medium and UTM_Source) these should be separated by &. Finally add the affiliate hashtag to the end.

Here is an example: